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-system of such relevant variables. The socio-behavioral sciences, the biological or life sciences, and the physical sciences have discovered or identified thousands of Independent Variables or IVs (a-i-r), as predictors relevant to explaining and predicting human individual behavior. But interdisciplinary

In: Determinants of Individual Prosociality and of Collective Social Solidarity- Cohesion

on the Form 990. Voluntary donations represent a significant and important revenue source for many nonprofit organizations. In 2017, $410 billion (2.1 percent of US GDP ) was donated to charitable nonprofit agencies. 11 More than 70 percent of this giving comes from living individuals, about 16

In: Nonprofit Finance: A Synthetic Review

.2 Experiences and Way of Life Although the low wages forced many workers to quit their jobs, a lot of the older workers chose to stay. Most workers had been hired in groups from vocational schools, and through the processes of training and living together, they had expanded the scope of their interactions with

In: Factory Politics in the People's Republic of China
Author: Daniel Bunyard

weight, the combined volume sits at around 7.5 million units. If one takes the top 10 bestselling titles that promise that the reader will live a longer life, the volume sits at around 150 000. If you asked someone on the street what was most important to them, living a long healthy life or being slim

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In: Logos
Author: Juha Mäkinen

challenge, as well as opportunity, to develop the action competence of our citizens in order to cope with the various kinds of modern-day pressures which pose a threat to the ability to lead a good life. Additionally, when focusing on the military point of view, all kinds of military activities require

In: Jus Post Bellum
Author: Philippe Peycam

of international mediators such as the Visiting Professor and the foreign CKS staff that made all the difference. It not only helped expose foreign students to the social realities of the host country, Cambodian participants, for their part, could get a taste of American and French academic life

In: Cultural Renewal in Cambodia

only moral principles but strategical goals as well. 8 This means that the directive interferes with what is widely seen as the heart of military life and activity; a highly regulated and preferably minimal use of force, disciplined enough not to endanger own troops. Restraint as a formative principle

In: Jus Post Bellum
Author: Philippe Peycam

of a Buddhist monastery, in the heart of ‘living’ Siem Reap, showed a level of local anchorage which UNESCO and its supporting national teams could never achieve. Another anomaly the Center represented in the eyes of UNESCO is that it did not emanate from any nation-state agencies

In: Cultural Renewal in Cambodia
Author: Dragan Stanar

and mass conflicts we often find ourselves wondering how exactly are people motivated to kill and injure other people they had never seen or met before, and with whom they have absolutely no personal quarrel. Also, we continue to ask ourselves why is it so much easier to fight members of a certain

In: Jus Post Bellum
Author: Philippe Peycam

UN personnel were widely criticized. Phnom Penh grew more crowded and more prosperous, but the rural economy declined, the country’s infrastructure remained abysmal, and security was marred by a spate of politically motivated killings. 6 Perhaps it was the very nature of UNTAC , as yet another

In: Cultural Renewal in Cambodia