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Hu Yingzi

conversation. I have two questions. The first one is for Mr. Liao. How would the concept of joy and harmony bring true happiness to the farmers? The second question is for Secretary Zheng. Why did Wuxi choose joy and harmony? Harmony Comes from a Joyous Life, and Joy Comes from Harmonious Living Liao

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Jing Chen and Qing Lan

school due to sorts of reasons and a big number of factual orphans whose mother remarried after the father died. It remains a tough job to secure the tuition and living expenses of the orphans for compulsory education. 3 According to the 2003 Report on the Monitoring and Evaluation of the

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Mindfully Sharing Capital in Modern China

Culture of Giving and Influence of Chinese Philosophy

Shuang Lu, Juan Rios and Chien-Chung Huang

Center, 2015). Disaster relief following the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake made Chinese people realize how their donations can make a difference in helping others survive and sustain. Increasingly powerful Internet platforms give everyone easier access to philanthropic giving in daily life. These facts call

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On Legitimacy of WISEs

A Case Study of CANYOU

Tingming Chen and Yichun Weng

. This article conducts a case study of CANYOU founded by Zheng Weining affected with hemophilia. To pursue a life in his own way, he established CANYOU in Shenzhen with the merger savings of his parents that had been intended for his blood transfusion to make him alive. Initiated as a self

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Lili Wang

their new life in a host country, immigrants need assistance in adjusting to the new environment, which motivates them to join associations that could provide information and offer help. After they have established themselves in a new country, they would be more likely to want to connect with and

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Xiaoping Zhao and Zhaonan Zhu

economic development and demonstrated the important role farmers’ organizations play in improving rural living standard. However, npo s still have many problems in practice, which have impeded various functions of npo s. 4.1 Lack of Professional Competence A problem most frequently mentioned in

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Yang Jia’ning and Kin-man Chan

- prises as they engaged in resource sharing. Efforts like these to promote CSR activities that are motivated by resource-seeking can easily result in the subordination of the NGO to the enterprise or even its metamorphosis into a functional department of the enterprise. The oppositional relationships we

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Shujie Jiang

the wall of a London church expressing that compan- ionship is life; the absence of companionship is tantamount to death; and hell is loneliness, a place devoid of friends. Th is actions of volunteers in the disas- ter-struck region after the Wenchuan earthquake substantiate perfectly this sentiment

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Government-npo Relations in Service Procurement

Quasi-Corporatist and Quasi-Pluralist Practices and Challenges in China

Junkui Han

sectors about the public good and drawn public attention to the workers’ life; to provide a platform to demonstrate the project achievement by financially supporting the non-profit projects that are under planning or developing to serve the workers; to discover potential, valuable and sustainable projects

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David Horton Smith

the term biomass [ecology] ) states (p. 1) that, “Biomass is the mass of living biological organisms in a given area or ecosystem at a given time.” Global biomass adds up all the biomass for a particular type of organism. In the table of Global biomass (p. 3), cattle comprise an estimated 520 million