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Porphyry that Augustine views as contradictory. One of them is the Epistula ad Anebontem and the other is unnamed. It would be incorrect, however, to limit the charge of contradiction merely to the two writings which are adduced as proof, rather it is a charge against the pagan Platonist life in general

In: Augustine and Porphyry

as a comprehensive account on Bofelo’s life (and achievements); it only serves as a background to situate him within the context of this essay’s discussion. Engagement with Bofelo and his Work Admittedly, it is not within the scope of this essay to focus on the entire spectrum of Bofelo

In: Islamic Africa

, The Life and Works of Abd Al-Qadir b. ­Al-Mustafa. A Critical Edition of his Works and Historiographical Approach , PhD ­dissertation, ­Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, 1987. Manuscript versions are catalogued in John O. ­Hunwick, The Writings of Central Sudanic Africa (Arabic Literature of Africa, vol

In: Islamic Africa
Author: Zachary Wright

continue to be transmitted by later followers to the present day. I believe a common preoccupation actually did motivate scholarly interchange in the eighteenth century, one that in fact links the study of ḥadith , the emphasis of ijtiḥād , the desire to “meet” the Prophet, and the search for secret

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sector: approximately 17% of gross domestic product ( gdp ). The question is how much help is this form of entrepreneurship to personal development and raising the standards of living both for the individual and for the nation? Is matarenda a sustainable project? Can it be relied upon? We try to provide

In: Matarenda/Talents in Zimbabwean Pentecostalism
Author: Phillip Musoni

development comes through innovation and enterprising by identifying one’s God-given talent and using it to earn a living. Thus, since zegu is a brainchild of Ezekiel Guti, one can purport that “Entrepreneurship” as a university-wide course is a borrowed concept from Ezekiel Guti’s ideology on prosperity

In: Matarenda/Talents in Zimbabwean Pentecostalism
Author: Gadija Ahjum

Sitting in a halqah or being part of a movement is not real life; that’s maybe where the transformation takes place and where your worldview is altered and where I developed the ability to think critically. But it’s not real life. It’s when you go back to the workspace and back to your family

In: Journal of Religion in Africa
Author: David Emmett

.2 Significance for Pentecostals Today If frustrated idealism can motivate terrorism, 20 can the Burton narrative positively motivate Pentecostals living with the ideal of a coming kingdom that has not yet come? The less than perfect characters involved in spreading the idealistic fire in this narrative

In: W.F.P. Burton (1886-1971): A Pentecostal Pioneer's Missional Vision for Congo
Author: Kenny Schmitt

hint of formality, but her warmth and trusting personality made it easy to settle into the conversation. Over the next hour, she spoke about her life with grace and humor. It struck me that she occasionally resisted my questions, but then, with a sip of tea, answered candidly. When I asked about her

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, that is their significance, must be tested by the degree to which they remain living channels for the release of God into the life of the worshipper. When they become institutionalized they are apt to become dead so that the mystic always seems to be a foe of institutional religion. He is very

In: Philosophy of Religion and the African American Experience