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Author: Kiagho Kilonzo

went to the bush to find some medicines, a notion that reflects a familiar fact for most living in African societies. It is known that most of the African indigenous medical preparations come from the bush, through tree leaves, barks, and roots. 2 For example, in Nigeria, Bever (1986) discusses the

In: Utafiti
Author: Remy Oriaku

subject of apartheid has gradually given way to a more direct identification of his thematic concerns with South Africa history and socio-cultural life. The motif of a war-ravaged urban South Africa which forms the backbone of Life & Times of Michael K resonates in Age of Iron , where it finds its

In: Matatu
Author: Abba A. Abba

of a bullet wound sustained by his ancestor. 7 He “defied all our categories and rejected the postulate that life set limits beyond which he could not venture.” 8 Isidore Diala, for whom Okigbo is undeniably a martyr, equally observes that Okigbo could have been located in Mazrui’s typology but

In: Matatu
Author: Edgar Nabutanyi

. (15–16) This is a perceptive and pragmatic reading of the role of money and the lengths to which individuals living on the edge of poverty will go to make money from children’s bodies and sexuality. Azure is clearly unaware, in his gratitude for Allen’s (bought) protection, of the expression

In: Matatu

accessible to reflection through interpretation of a life-world. Reconstructionism is an approach that advocates the continuous adaptation of valuable traditional ideas to contemporary living. Hermeneutico-reconstructionism, therefore, is a methodological model in African philosophy that rationally

In: Matatu

environment and mental independence and ensuring that ethno-science is incapacitated and quality of life compromised. Nigeria and Africa are fully equipped for the economy of natural products, with very many vibrant herbal and root formulas, many of which need repositioning—even a combined team of ethno

In: Matatu

to create or construct, which takes place when interacting with others, through life experiences by performing something, and during everyday life.” 21 In Nigeria, for instance, it is possible to predict the region a person comes from by merely listening to his or her spoken English. 22

In: Matatu
Author: Mnqobi Ngubane

’s income, a farm worker in timber plantations, and the only breadwinner in the family. For Mr Y, the land restitution process has certainly raised hopes for a new life, better than what he had previously as a labour tenant whose livestock accumulation was restricted to specific herd numbers, living on a

In: Land Reform Revisited

; Goebel, 2005 ; Walker, 2008 ; Aliber, 2015 ) was the depiction of the fast-track reforms as a politically motivated land grab. The structural inequality inherent in the colonial-era agrarian structure inherited at independence in 1980 was largely ignored. Additionally, its redistributive aspect

In: Land Reform Revisited
Author: Nerhene Davis

of the proposed land transfer and the ability of the community to cope with its new responsibilities. The potential impact that the ‘inadequate’ management of newly restored land would have on the local economy was a key motivator to consider private sector involvement. Shared equity with a partner

In: Land Reform Revisited