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Author: Sven Almquist

). The humid parts of the dune heath (figs. 8 & g) were more suitable for this species which is relatively sensitive to desiccation (Almquist, 1971: 227, Table i). Zelotes serotinus L. Koch This is a ground-living species, occurring mainly in the Ammophila and the Cladonia of the dune heath (fig. 18

In: Insect Systematics & Evolution

Arthropoda; the other a community of Deaf people who use a visual sign language and share the “Deaf experience” as a cultural phenomenon. The onset of deafness later in life has left many great men and women living between those two worlds. In some cases, as we have shown, the discouragement led to career

In: Terrestrial Arthropod Reviews
Authors: Lounibos and Frank

Fish, 2008 ) although one of those is not a specialist so its occurrence in a bromeliad was just by chance. Th ese larvae include case-making feeders on micro-organisms ( Tanytarsus spp.), free-living detritivores ( Metriocnemus spp. ), algivores (“ Chironomus sp.” of Laessle, 1961) and predators

In: Terrestrial Arthropod Reviews

individual who would have seen a living speci- men, this image perhaps is the best representation of this species. Th e colors of extant museum specimens have evidently deteriorated to a general dark brown and black with some coloration in the tibiae (as might be expected after more than a century of aging

In: Terrestrial Arthropod Reviews
Author: Kay Etheridge

just the pupal stage in the life cycle, while Verwand(e)lung referred to the complete process, as in her title, Der Raupen wunderbare Verwandelung. But that distinction did not hold in every case, and it became a matter of context-based choices for the translation. The verbs zeichnen, malen

In: The Flowering of Ecology