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). Indeed, the greatest controversy surrounding assisted migration is motivated simply by our lack of understanding of how to implement such a program effectively and safely, as well as our perspectives on the movement of species across the continuum of geographic scale. The history of humans includes the

In: Israel Journal of Plant Sciences

1 The Question This Study Explores This study considers the question: “Is morality solely a human creation or can we discover evidence of or the antecedents of morality in nature?” I suggest that the antecedents of morality can be found in life’s existential propensity towards optimization

In: Flowers and Honeybees

the first vascular plants species that emerged a billion years or so ago on the earth. What changed with the angiosperms? Likely the world came to a point where traditional methods of pollination had reached a plateau. Stasis is an anathema to life that continues not only to evolve when the world

In: Flowers and Honeybees