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Alex C. Parrish

, as in life experiences, image precedes language” (Childers, Hobson and Mullin: 1998, x). Put simply, humans have a strong visual bias when collecting information about other humans, as well as the world around them. If we think about this in terms of semiotics, we could say that reality is split into


Brett Cooke and Dirk Vanderbeke

that they continue to attract consumers in various times and climes, thus amassing substantial and widespread audiences. By contrast, works that come under the label of popular culture may have a relatively short shelf life and are frequently forgotten after a brief period of relative success

The Reader is Always Right

Biopoetic and Cognitive-Aesthetic Aspects of Karl May’s Adventure Novel Winnetou I


Sophia Wege

narrator claims that he is, indeed, the author Karl May who travels to distant and exotic countries and makes a living by selling his fake experiences. Endowed with an exuberant imagination and considerable creativity, at times the author apparently really believed himself to be the western hero he had

Why We Read Detective Fiction

Theory of Mind in Action


Judith P. Saunders

mental states of others. We know that every individual inhabits “a mental world of thoughts, ideas, imaginings,” replete with “beliefs, desires, and feelings” which motivate much of that individual’s behavior (Butterworth et al.: 1991, 1). For a variety of fitness-related reasons, we seek to understand


Tom Dolack

history (Polland: 2012). The latter I chose particularly since I believed working with it would motivate student researchers. Clearly the specific texts used exert a large influence on the results, but as the first stage in a longer project they can serve as a basis of comparison. If it turns out that a