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for life animal research (Sikes et al., 2001) and with the permission of the Israel Nature and National Parks Authority. Hormone window experiment Starting in June 2004, we trapped 20 male and 20 female G. a. allenbyi from several different populations located on semi-stabilized dunes in the

In: Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution

location of emotions—past and present. The protagonist of Die Aufzeichnungen who is uncertainly located between the world of the living and the dead, is conceived of as a “revenant,” returned to life to realise what Manfred Engel calls new ways of seeing and being in the world. Malte looks at the ruins

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, meanings and ambiguities of language. It happens in between the lines, and between the lines and the receiving brain. If it works, it brings to life a forgotten emotion, a missed insight, a sense of recognition, a surprising awareness of an everyday or an extraordinary being, thing or situation. It makes

In: From Ego to Eco
Author: Aengus Daly

within his thought, Locke seeks to justify the emerging mathematical and experimental new science that focuses on the primary, quantifiable qualities of nature. Berkeley, on the other hand, rejects the claim that nature is mind-independent and argues that perceivable nature is the expression of a living

In: From Ego to Eco