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Preston Greene

sources of value? Several philosophers have raised concerns about lives that are very long, and some have concluded that living for a very long time would be bad, and that this is so simply due to the nature of very long life. We can distinguish between two types of concerns about very long lives. On the

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Lorraine Besser-Jones

preparing the way for a still more adequate and hence more revealing engagement in it (p. 37). Brewer’s favored examples of dialectical activities are philosophy, friendship, and living the good life. While we might think that these sorts of activities are relatively rare, serving as the highlights

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Matthew D. Adler

characterized in terms of well-being, 5 but Crisp places this cut-off well above the dividing line between impoverished and minimally adequate lives (at “eighty years of high-quality life on this planet” 6 ). tbm proposes a basic minimum defined in terms of “valued projects.” This proposal is motivated by

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Helena de Bres

no way dependent on any agent’s (actual or hypothetical) attitudes. If a life features lasting successes deriving from challenging efforts, that life is meaningful whether or not the agent living it deems (or would deem) it unfulfilling or futile. 12 Second, although Kauppinen’s proposal is

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Martin Shuster

introduction). In this way, Adorno is wed to the “No Right Living Thesis” (p. 52ff), which suggests that (1) we do not “really and actively shape our lives” and that (2) we do not live “a morally acceptable life” (p. 52). Both are justified through an analysis of Adorno’s estimation of the modern world

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Teach the Children Well

On Virtue and its Benefits

Michelle Mason

Introduction What connection – if any – is there between living well, in the sense of living a life of ethical virtue, and faring well, in the sense of living a life that benefits the individual whose life it is? The philosophical motivations for taking up the question already are evident, of

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Kyle Swan

This is a collection of essays selected from J.B. Schneewind’s 60 years of published work in philosophy. The volume closes with an afterward, a compelling intellectual autobiography, ‘Sixty Years of Philosophy in a Life’, which he originally gave as the Dewey Lecture at the 2008 APA Eastern

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Taylor Carman

, and assessed? And how does it function as a living ethical ideal in contemporary social life? In this stimulating little book, Somogy Varga proposes interesting and plausible answers to these questions, but he also has a more ambitious agenda, namely, to offer a conception of authenticity that will

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Gillian Brock

some are significantly disadvantaged in life because of morally arbitrary features, so it is unfair if some have much worse prospects in life than others because of their race, ethnicity, class and so on. While the negative intuition motivating the ideal is a strong one, a problem occurs when we try to

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Stephen Brown

that we evaluate living things relative to their form of life. The parts, characteristics and operations of any such being have (biologi- cal) functions that ideally enable their possessor to realize the form of life of its species. We can justifiably call a living thing a good specimen of its kind if