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Author: Ya Zuo

pitch standards. The timeless cosmic coherence shone again, this time through the living body of an aspirant monarch. 6 Conclusion In the Song, a harmonious melody not only pleased one’s ear, but also signified order and authority. Music’s ideological heft motivated Song

In: Powerful Arguments

, the power to take life was a jealously guarded prerogative of the emperor, and so homicide represented not just a terrible act of violence, but also a form of usurpation. 782 Therefore, solving homicides ranked among a local magistrate’s most important responsibilities, and he and his staff came

In: Powerful Arguments

, values are common subjective images that have a human dimension. Sociology connects values with social norms of human life organization. Political scientists talk about political values that motivate, guide and justify actions of political actors, reflect the state, needs and prospects for development of

In: Journal of Chinese Philosophy
Author: Siufu Tang

desires, and motivate action in accordance with approval. Thus a person can embark on the path of moral cultivation by coming to understand and approve of morality as the best way of living. 43 David B. Wong disagrees with Van Norden’s interpretation. Wong suggests that the distinction between approval

In: Journal of Chinese Philosophy

“Chinese philosophy” solely in terms of knowing and understanding is not enough. “Chinese philosophy” possesses at least two levels: the first level is “Chinese philosophy” as a world of meaning. This level connotes a state of mind and the ideal of the ultimate meaning of human life, and particularly the

In: Studies on Contemporary Chinese Philosophy (1949–2009)

people. His only error lay in the fact that Kongzi improperly raised ren ’s position to that of a universal principle, greatly exaggerating ren as a guide to life and to handling affairs (including political, economic, familial, and others), and taking it as absolute truth his entire life. It is not

In: Studies on Contemporary Chinese Philosophy (1949–2009)

and does not produce hair and a beard. Besides, in women the excessive qi goes along another pathway to be distributed elsewhere; this is different from the case of men. 94 On Life and Death (with Additional Matters) 95 8.58 Aristotle says: “All living beings have the essential fire in

In: A Brief Introduction to the Study of Human Nature
Author: Sang-Jin Han

rights are sustainable only when all members of the community, without exception, are invited to enjoy a certain level of socio-economic life as an important condition for living together. The communitarian approach to human rights draws the most emphatic attention to these conditions of living together

In: Confucianism and Reflexive Modernity
Author: Gábor Boros

love in our symbolic universe was articulated in the arts and philosophy, but even in everyday life, we are urged to develop symbolic explanations, instead of rendering love a mere subclass of a general evolutionary scheme. Rather than ­being just one of the many passions that mostly hinder reason

In: The Culture of Love in China and Europe

teachings of the Classics themselves; indeed it is the spirit that allows proper behaviour to be sincere (cheng 誠); it is the living soul of the ethical principle. 191 The cult of qing becomes a religion of life and social coexistence. Indeed, this passion represents vitality in every man, like

In: The Culture of Love in China and Europe