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, values are common subjective images that have a human dimension. Sociology connects values with social norms of human life organization. Political scientists talk about political values that motivate, guide and justify actions of political actors, reflect the state, needs and prospects for development of

In: Journal of Chinese Philosophy
Author: Siufu Tang

desires, and motivate action in accordance with approval. Thus a person can embark on the path of moral cultivation by coming to understand and approve of morality as the best way of living. 43 David B. Wong disagrees with Van Norden’s interpretation. Wong suggests that the distinction between approval

In: Journal of Chinese Philosophy
Author: Mark Siderits

, its acceptance will still motivate intuitions that make such a posit seem plausible. Nowadays the term of art for the simple self posited by philosophers like Descartes, Vātsyāyana and Kumārila is “soul pellet.” As the disparaging tone of the term suggests, there are currently very few philosophers

In: Buddhist Philosophy of Consciousness

aspect is (and is like), and of what its fundamental attributes might be. 6 In order to motivate this view of Dignāga as a proto-phenomenologist, I will propose several ways in which an analysis of the structure of consciousness can be pursued without assuming that such structure (with its

In: Buddhist Philosophy of Consciousness