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Justin Barrett

information, (4) able to act in the human world in detectable ways and (5) capable of motivating behaviors that reinforce belief. Th at Santa Claus appears to be only inconsistently represented as having all five requisite features Santa has failed to develop a community of true believers and cult

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Ryan G. Hornbeck, Brianna Bentley and Justin L. Barrett

intense” or “travel between worlds” or yet again “treating dead people as living can be overwhelming”. In most of these cases it would seem the ritual was a response – a palliative measure, in some cases – to a highly emotional life event. The sensory pageantry data also fall strongly in the expected

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Shaun Nichols

created, born from man’s need to make his helplessness tolerable” (Freud 1927/1961, 23). 2 According to Freud, religion meets our worries and satisfies our desires in a direct and unified manner: the benevolent rule of a divine Providence allays our fear of the dangers of life; the establishment of a

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Vladimír Bahna

person who after death rises from his grave at night to harm and/or kill the living prevalently from his environment (relatives, neighbours). In other words, a vampire is an undead, a person who due to some reason failed to die completely. Vampires are often considered a type of revenants and these terms

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M. Afzal Upal

rewards are in low supply or not available at all, people are willing to accept compensators in lieu of the actual rewards. For instance, a religious founder may be able to sell the unverifiable promise of life after death to those agents that intensely value immortal life. Entrepreneurship theory’s most

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Niels Johannsen, John McGraw and Andreas Roepstorff

structure of wheel morphology and an elusive, ill-understood aspect of human mental life, Deacon attempts to capture the outlines of what is sometimes referred to as an “eliminativist” solution to the hard problem of consciousness: that consciousness may not exist in itself as a particular cognitive process

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Victor C. de Munck

actions, has a singular conception of a continuous self life history, and views itself as an agent. Before I plunge into a discussion on this theory I want to discuss by examples the substrate of reified thinking on which most writings on the self and identity rest. First, once one posits a “self

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Michal Segev, Michal Segev, Yoav S. Bergman, Michal Segev, Yoav S. Bergman and Gil Diesendruck

instance, according to Atran ( 1990 ), social essentialism stems from the analogical extension of a conceptual system specialized for living kinds onto the social domain (see also Boyer, 2001 ; Gil-White, 2001 , for similar arguments). Hirschfeld ( 1996 ), in turn, claims that the similarities between

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Jennifer Wright and Ryan Nichols

positive moral traits at higher rates and degrees than would non-religious individuals. We use ‘moral’ and its cognates loosely here. If a believer is motivated to cheat less frequently because he imagines a supernatural agency watching him, ready to punish him, then his behavior is prudential rather than

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Melanie Nyhof and Justin Barrett

. For example, in the story about the transformed grandmother, there are two basic expectation- violating concepts: the events of the grandmother’s dead bones coming back to life, and of the grandchildren turning themselves into a blue stone and a stick burning at one end. The ordinary concepts in the