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Ottmar Ette

consciously referring here to his dissertation, which was about (and schooled in) the art of remembrance in Marcel Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu , and which, in a sense, closes, from the end of his life, a circle of remembering and writing. The commentary that immediately follows seems to refer to

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Amaleena Damlé

Rayhana, an activist, actor and writer, as text and as performance. The article considers the dramatic setting of the hamman, a private women’s space that here becomes publicly visible, as well as the real-life attack on the playwright during the play’s first season (it was performed in Belleville in 2016

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Sherif H. Ismail

between al-Shidyāq’s position as an Arab Christian living in Europe and working with Western scholars, and Edward Said. 118 Al-Shidyāq’s life and work relate him, again, to Auerbach, who “often seems to function as a stand-in or alter ego for Said himself,” 119 and who was forced to quit his

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Anthony Nussmeier

, that is both remote and proximate. […] [W]e can say briefly that the purpose of the whole as well as the part is to remove those living in this life from the state of misery and to lead them to the state of happiness .’ The parts—the verses, the tercets, the cantos, the canticles—serve the whole; just

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Pablo Martínez Gramuglia

considered a materialist and alien environment was the main reason for the foundation of FFyL at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1896, since the ruling elites considered that in the previous fifty years “a society excessively motivated and oriented by material ambition, without spiritual solidarity bonds

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The Limits of Cyclization

Friedrich Schlegel’s Notes ‘On Philology’ as a Form of the Novel Lucinde

Christoph König

transgressive genre activity. The method is quasi literary—it does not aim to be discursively comprehensible but to be a competence or a faculty. It is thus not in the notes—whose historical genesis in the notebooks (the structure of which follows life) limits progressive penetration—that it aims to be

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Umar Ryad

modern times. 15 Rashād’s role in Zakī’s life was significant to the degree that he usually addressed him as: “my fatherly brother.” In his youth, Zakī was brought up under his brother’s strict discipline. Rashād’s literary circle of friends and their regular gatherings in his house in Cairo also left a

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Matthew Melvin-Koushki

essential to Renaissance scientific-philosophical inquiry, as a host of less ideologically-motivated scholars freely acknowledged. Nevertheless, humanists did succeed in tarnishing its sheen in some fields, on grounds variously ideological and scientific, especially philosophy and astrology (they had much

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Xudong Zhang

formation. By reconciliation, I do not intend the vulgar sense of reconciliation that entails living together without quarreling, but rather the sense of reconciliation that is the negation of the negation: I want to see my own historicity within your everyday life; I want to catch sight of a substantial

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Mingwei Song

, and very likely the best-known foreign literary character for people living through Mao’s era. In the story, Pawel Korchagin is a Ukrainian youth who devotes his life to the cause of the Russian revolution, subjects himself to the disciplines of the Party, and goes through all kinds of imaginable (and