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Author: Lukas Gloor

–196; David Rudrum, „On the Very Idea of a Definition of Narrative: A Reply to Marie-Laure Ryan“, Narrative 14, Nr. 2 (2006): 197–204. Vgl. auch die „fuzziness“ der Definition der Narrativität, die Abbott betont. Porter H. Abbott, „Narrativity“, in The Living Handbook of Narratology , hg. von Peter Hühn

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In: Prekäres Erzählen

necessary and originary because life always already implies death and needs the mortal supplement to be fixed and take form.“ 19 Kofman (2005: 79): „The double is neither living nor dead: designed to supplement the living, to perfect it, to make it immortal like the creator, it is always ‚the

In: Unheimliche Erinnerung - erinnerte Unheimlichkeit
Author: Merritt Moseley

’s alive. But that life is the life of maggots, I tell W., devouring the substance of the university from the inside, living on its rotting. exodus 111 To insist, now, that reading Lars Iyer’s novels is a rich and fascinating experience even for a fellow humanities professor, that reading them is

In: The Campus Novel
Author: Ewald Mengel

confront himself and his readers with something “bigger”: industry and economy. His intention was to compare campus life with the life “out there.” For the purpose of my essay I have selected two novelists and two novels that are apparently different from each other but also have a lot in common: John

In: The Campus Novel
Author: Eva Piirimäe

, including humans; irritation is both the first sign of life in a living animal body as well as the origin of sensation. Furthermore, the self-feeling of the human soul is for Herder based on this phenomenon and expresses itself first in its primordial sense of touch, through which it is able to recollect

In: Herder on Empathy and Sympathy

Heusdorf with several other nuns. She explained her decision to remain a nun as motivated by being old and sick and that she had “no one to flee to” even as it saddened her that “all [her] friends” had left for the “secular life.” The prior of Heusdorf and the local magistrate in Rossla confirmed her story

In: Cultural Shifts and Ritual Transformations in Reformation Europe
Author: Sonia Sikka

life” analogy, comparing the course of human history with the phases of an individual life in its movement from infancy to adulthood. The analogy is a commonplace within progressivist European philosophies of history in the eighteenth century and beyond, which usually position modern European

In: Herder on Empathy and Sympathy
Author: Nicholas Saul

, seemingly incapable of mastering his own life, and since Karoline dies in childbed Hahnemann as godfather accepts responsibility for the upbringing and education of the child, also August. The text is thus the story of a drastic educational experiment by a highly-motivated and frustrated not

In: Interrogations of Evolutionism in German Literature 1859-2011

problem of truth offers a promising point of departure for approaching German Idealism as a living tradition whose revolutionary potential is far from exhausted. If the question of truth never achieves the explicit foundational clarity that it would with Heidegger, Frege, Tarski, or Ramsey, it is perhaps

In: Fichtes Bildtheorie im Kontext, Teil I
Author: Nicholas Saul

1 Introduction. Biography and Research With Botho Strauß we reach the present and a living writer’s engagement with evolutionism. Born in 1944 and still highly productive, 1 Strauß made his name first as a scintillating and challenging theatre critic, 2 then as a dramaturge with Peter

In: Interrogations of Evolutionism in German Literature 1859-2011