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Author: Emma Wagstaff

the reader to be attentive to formal detail. Du Bouchet offers the processes of writing and living, which involve returning, revising, and renewing perspectives as we age. Reading the forms of Du Bouchet’s poetic writing enables a response to the questions posed by the thinkers cited in this

In: André du Bouchet
Author: Emma Wagstaff

centuries. In his preference for the word ‘monde’ (‘Welt’; world) over ‘environnement’ (‘Umwelt’; environment), however, he acknowledges the specifically human capacity to understand living in time. He proposes a way of seeing that is able to take account of phenomena: L

In: André du Bouchet
Author: Lyckle de Vries

-term prospects of painting donkeys, working by rote, were not very reassuring; these men may be identical with the pack of profligate painters whose lifestyle was contrasted with Ludolf Bakhuizen’s diligence. Living the painterly life of a bohemian meant assembling with colleagues in inns and taverns, where more

In: Jacob Campo Weyerman and his Collection of Artists’ Biographies
Author: Keith M. Finley

. For Johnson, the bill represented at least a partial step toward the creation of the Great Society. The stated premise behind the War on Poverty proved simple. A country with vast wealth should be able to provide a decent standard of living for all its citizens. Johnson pressed the issue, asserting

In: Profiles in Power
Chapter 12 I’m So Normal, I Must Be Different
Author: Taryn J. Mathis

-confidence in understanding and living alongside cultural others. The learning experience has been an asset in my life. Without having studied abroad, I would not have had the opportunity to transition from a culturally ignorant person to someone who could recognise the internal rejection of my own culture and

In: Intercultural Mirrors
Author: Nigel Hamilton

adulthood. 17 These are slim pickings. Morris, hardly a pdp-acolyte, was instead a devotee of le grand récit , as demonstrated in his wonderful multi-volume biography of Theodore Roosevelt. 18 In Dutch he merely sought a way out of writing, under an impossibly generous Random House contract, the life

In: Different Lives

Zelda Fitzgerald, were financially and morally supported, all were hospitably welcomed, many lodged, entertained, and fed. Looking back on her parents’ privileged life, Honoria points out that it wasn’t social distinction that had motivated them. ‘It wasn’t a clique, it wasn’t a coterie’, her father

In: Women Writing on the French Riviera

Mansfield registered her desire to live life to the full. Work, self, and spirit were to be in harmony, a courageous goal when one considers that she was extremely unwell. Her Journal entry of 11 October sets down all: By health I mean the power to live a full, adult, living, breathing life in close

In: Women Writing on the French Riviera
Chapter 1 Expansion of Self through Intercultural Experiences
Author: Julia Kraven

needs the reflection of oneself from the other later in life is a question that men could ponder over each time they are asked by ladies, “Am I fat?” Always an awkward moment (I have been asked this question on a number of occasions as well), but it might be that the answer is not as obvious as it seems

In: Intercultural Mirrors
Author: Antony Goedhals

. ‘A Pilgrimage to Enoshima’ The next essay in Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan , ‘A Pilgrimage to Enoshima’, was written much later while Hearn was living in Kumamoto where he went (in late

In: The Neo-Buddhist Writings of Lafcadio Hearn