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Chapter 2 Endemic Corruption in Higher Education

; this might be a reason for bribing a faculty member ( Denisova-Schmidt et al., 2015 ). 2 Who Cheats More? Some groups of students are more prone than others to using various cheating techniques. One group is students living in dormitories. These students are probably the best informed about

In: Corruption in Higher Education

most of these theories inadequately explain the existence of real dilemmas in practical living in that they tend to undervalue either the place of history or the thinking and argumentation of individuals. Rather than presenting dilemma as a genuine struggle for the individual or as playing a

In: Dilemmas and Decisions

equally important to offer uniquely attractive learning and research conditions, an animated and stimulating campus life, together with an auspicious living environment where the families of those directly associated with the new university can feel happy. Location is a key factor in that respect

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Chapter 12 Challenges, Perceptions, and Practices in Education for South Sudanese Children Forced to Flee Conflict
Author: Kenta Miyamoto

began only a few years ago, a dearth of literature exists on South Sudanese refugees’ education in Uganda. The lack of knowledge on refugees’ education, especially what is happening at the school level, must be resolved by examining empirical evidence. This research was therefore motivated by the need

In: Migrants and Comparative Education
Chapter 4 Youth Workin’ All over Europe: Moving, Associating, Organising and Providing

context disappears, and an institutionally driven agenda imposes itself on what needs to be a life-world driven practice. Such reductionism decimates practices that focus on informal learning and positive development, the part where the focus is on learning to live a life, rather than merely earn a living

In: Youth Work
Chapter 7 Weaknesses of Finnish Education
Author: Jennifer Chung

belonging and these kinds of social development. Finnish students don’t seem to be very active in participating in social life in school. They are in a way, too much concentrated only on the academic part of the education. I think this will be one of the big issues in the future. He worries about the

In: PISA and Global Education Policy

way. The survivor is faced with a dilemma: of letting the dead person go while still giving him space in life as a living if not palpable being … ( 1983 , p. 3) We can sometimes feel that our childhood has been irretrievably lost. For instance, we can return to our family, home and childhood haunts

In: Dilemmas and Decisions
Chapter 6 Strengths of Finnish Education
Author: Jennifer Chung

strong teacher-preparation programmes and highly qualified teachers. He states, “I strongly believe that they are very motivated, well educated, and committed to their work. That is definitely a benefit.” Minister Jussila concurs. He believes that excellent teacher training remains one of the great

In: PISA and Global Education Policy
Chapter 1 Powershift

displaced people in the world, including 25.4 million refugees ( UNHCR, 2017 ). Students and academics were caught up in this mass of displacement, either concentrated in camps or in search of a new life in Europe. This imperialistically-motivated power shift had foreseeable and tragic consequences in

In: Universities as Political Institutions

: the fight for gender equality (Women’s Liberation) and against racism (Black Power) were other important causes. Some analysts saw the student movement primarily as a rebellion against the parent generation and their values and life style ( Feuer, 1969 ; Bell & Kristol, 1969 ), others as a

In: Preparing Students for Life and Work