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A Memoir and Activities
What if, as psychologists and adult educators advocate, a person chose a life where his motivation for the work itself determined what he did? Living a Motivated Life: A Memoir and Activities follows the author through forty years, revealing how he selected vocational pursuits guided by his understanding of intrinsic motivation and transformative learning. As a compass for relevant decisions, these ideas gave energy and purpose to how he lived, and an instinct as sure as sight for the future.

Written with nuance, humor, and unpredictability, this story renders how he came to appreciate learning for the pleasure of learning. Facing similar challenges as those of today’s first generation college students, the memoir narrates his unexpected college enrollment, his friendship with an ancient history professor, and his triumphs and travails as teacher, psychologist, human relations specialist, psychotherapist, and adult educator.

This is the first memoir of someone who consciously chose to lead a professional life to experience flow on a daily basis. It is an important step in the integration and evolution of intrinsic motivation theory and transformative learning. But it reaches beyond this outcome, sharing how the author aspired to be better at what he valued and showing how he discovered and extended these ideas to others.
Author: Rob Hunter

my values? The pull of community of place which I’d never experienced in my personal life and which I imbued with a romantic glow (just as others were fighting to break free of its more oppressive characteristics). The human connection it promised. I had an intuitive belief both that human beings

In: Community Work and Adult Education in Staveley, North-East Derbyshire, 1969–1972
Author: Colin Kirkwood

myths and the moral tales which embodied a total ideology, a set of values for living and dealing with every aspect of life. The role of the mass was to listen and obey. You had to understand the stories and the values they contained, and then implement the values, as rules, in your own life. To be good

In: Community Work and Adult Education in Staveley, North-East Derbyshire, 1969–1972

capabilities. We also know that when people are not motivated to do what they are required to do, their behavior is often accompanied by boredom, frustration, distraction, and hostility. Four hours for a teacher with a group of unmotivated adult learners? As a colleague once said, “That’s like trying to feed

In: Living a Motivated Life

economic productivity. One of the invitations that changed the direction of my life came in 1985 from the British Columbia Institute of Technology ( bcit ). While living in Milwaukee, I travelled on a regular basis to Vancouver to work with a caring and diligent band of professional educators and faculty

In: Living a Motivated Life

the first person, composing something of private interest into something of personal meaning to the reader. Memoir has a much narrower focus than an autobiography, usually converging on a singular theme or exploring an aspect of the memoirist’s life in depth. In Part 1 of Living a Motivated Life: A

In: Living a Motivated Life

over the evening. Being with her at such times was one of the things I missed when I left. There was no drama or heavy insights, just a kind of proximity of love for each other without ever having to say it. Looking back, “doing the dishes together” reflects so much of our life—the gentleness of her

In: Living a Motivated Life

self-motivated, life-long learners. Another significant advantage I had in developing motivation to learn was the harmony between what my parents wanted from me as a student and what my teachers expected from me. There was no doubt in my mind that at the top of this hierarchy was obedience to authority

In: Living a Motivated Life

helps one to escape the vain and trivial but what one realizes from that living that makes life transcendent. You have helped me to realize so much . When I first knew you as a student I saw you as someone who lived in another reality, as otherworldly to me, from my background, as some of the figures

In: Living a Motivated Life

living person whose life was being told required a historical/empirical differentiation in the complex relationship between individuals and their past and present environment. This again posed new questions about the theorizing of the learner subjectivity. The narrators were interpreting their own lives

In: The Societal Unconscious