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Chapter 1 Equity and Quality as Aims of Education
Author: Hannele Niemi

, 2017 ; Darling-Hammond & Lieberman, 2012 ; Council of the European Union, 2014 ; Lefty & Fraser, 2020 ). The European Commission ( 2017 , p. 8) expresses “High quality, motivated and valued teachers are at the heart of excellent education.” Teachers can make a difference in students’ life, and this

In: Good Teachers for Tomorrow's Schools

observe children’s behavior in natural settings and build curricula based on their interests and development, resulting in child-centered pedagogy or student-centered teacher education. Being an artist , in turn, refers to living one’s life to the fullest, and putting the emphasis on personal and

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Chapter 11 Recognition, Expectation, and Differentiation for Mathematical Talent Development of Young Gifted English Learners

Observation of Students in Schools) The BOSS enables users to observe students in a school environment and records students’ behaviors in real time (Pearson, 2017). It is a 4-point Likert scale that observers record one of 1 to 4 based on student’s behaviors and record the categories of six motivating

In: Good Teachers for Tomorrow's Schools

. Cognitive Development , 20 , 576 – 590 . Borba , M. ( 2016 ). Unselfie: Why empathetic kids succeed in our all-about me world . New York, NY : Touchstone . Brenner , H. ( 2003 ). I know I’m in there somewhere: A woman’s guide to finding her inner voice and living a life of authenticity . New

In: Trauma Informed Teaching through Play Art Narrative (PAN)
Author: Filipa de Sousa

game narrative. Positionality was also an important aspect. The word “imagine” transports the action out of the game narrative and into an imaginary situation. Lucas commutes from the role of a student interacting with his teacher and presenting an argument to the position of a game character living a

In: Games and Education: Designs in and for Learning

built big buildings to show their power. In 2017 the situation was different, people from different religions were living in Jerusalem, but there still was a great dispute between the Orthodox Jews and non-religious Jews concerning many issues like: opening stores on Shabbat, using the same buses

In: Multidimensional Curriculum Enhancing Future Thinking Literacy
Chapter 15 A Socio-Cultural Approach to Growth-Mindset Pedagogy

of motivating students ( Rissanen et al., 2018 ). To identify students’ fixed mindsets and foster a growth mindset, teachers should cultivate a growth mindset themselves by being adaptive rather than routine experts ( Hatano & Inagaki, 1992 ) and actively participating in developing the school

In: Good Teachers for Tomorrow's Schools
Chapter 2 The New Professionalism?
Author: Christopher Day

determine what teachers do, how they do it, and to what end. Researchers claim that they damage teachers’ abilities to, ’make a living while controlling their own work’ ( Friedson, 2001 , p. 17), so that, ‘When individuals cease to control a large proportion of their own work, the skills essential to doing

In: Good Teachers for Tomorrow's Schools

university education (pp. 151 – 170 ). Oxfordshire : Libri Publishing . Høyrup , S. ( 2006 ). Reflection in learning at work . In E. Antonacoloulou , P. Jarvis , V. Andersen , B. Elkjaer , & S. Høyrup (Eds.), Learning, working and living: Mapping the terrain of working life learning

In: Games and Education: Designs in and for Learning
Chapter 3 Narrative

and organic world by way of science and logical reasoning toward universal truths; and the narrative mode , that is concerned with making sense/meaning of human experience. Humans enter life with a “readiness or predisposition to organize experience into narrative form” ( Bruner, 1990 , p. 45). In

In: Trauma Informed Teaching through Play Art Narrative (PAN)