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Author: Soren Willert

nothing but harmoniously consistent. Under such circumstances, successful living consists in being able to shift between Umwelten, if nor effortlessly, then at least with life- and society-sustaining productivity. Thus the self-process pertaining to one individual may be understood as a more or less

In: Organization and Newness
Authors: Joy Higgs and Daniel Radovich

Creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives … most of the things that are interesting, important, and human are the results of creativity. … when we are involved in it, we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life. ( Csikszentmihalyi, 2013 , pp. 1-2) Creativity and

In: Challenging Future Practice Possibilities
Authors: Franziska Trede and Joy Higgs

teacher or a parent (and so on) and are acting according to social expectations, living up to commitments and routine pathways. Receiving affirmative feedback about actions taken strengthens identity agency and a sense of belonging to a community. Positive feedback motivates reproduction of practices and

In: Challenging Future Practice Possibilities

displaced people in the world, including 25.4 million refugees ( UNHCR, 2017 ). Students and academics were caught up in this mass of displacement, either concentrated in camps or in search of a new life in Europe. This imperialistically-motivated power shift had foreseeable and tragic consequences in

In: Universities as Political Institutions
Author: Eve Coxon

through conscious actions ( Airini, Anae, Mila-Schaaf, Coxon, Mara, & Sanga, 2010 ). In the case of TLS , recognized was that social relationships play a critical role in Solomon Islands/Melanesian political, social, and economic life; individuals are constituted and bound by their relationships to

In: Relationality and Learning in Oceania

In recent decades, there has been a growing patchwork of educational movements and initiatives focusing on ‘open’ and ‘openness.’ As an emerging paradigm, it has been said that open and openness in education ‘has a history that provides much of the context and the motivating values … part of the

In: Open(ing) Education
Author: Robert Early

very little trickle-down impact in the classrooms of the nation, and there are evolving views and varying practices regarding how early-grade literacy is, and should be, taught. As a Melanesian country, Solomon Islands presents a highly complex language situation. There are 71 recognized living

In: Relationality and Learning in Oceania
Author: Kyle A. Long

, Afghanistan and Turkestan on the east; and by the Caucasus mountains, the Black Sea, the Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and Austria on the north. ( Ross et al., 1929 , p. 4) American missionaries had been living and working in these lands for a century ( Daniel, 1970 , p. xi). As a result of their long and

In: The Emergence of the American University Abroad
Author: Kyle A. Long

College from time to time ( McLain, 1961 , p. 1). During McLain’s tenure, the university portrayed itself as less overtly Christian, although, he still conceived of AUC “as a continuing representation of a Western Christian institution living a life of unselfish service in a sister country that receives

In: The Emergence of the American University Abroad

Global Scenarios Group 1 envisaged a divided “Fortress World” future on the one hand and on the other a “Great Transition” future in which the world rejects many of the values of market-driven societies to return to more sustainable ways of living ( Raskin et al., 2002 ). These scenarios have been

In: Challenging Future Practice Possibilities