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(innovative engineering at Olin College, US-style curriculum at HKUST). On the financial side, incoming students could study free of charge or get generous scholarships covering the tuition fees and living expenses. In Kazakhstan, Luxembourg and Abu Dhabi, having the promise of a high-quality university

In: Accelerated Universities
Author: Merritt Huang

required to take a short seminar on U.S. culture prior to beginning their formal studies. This would provide the students, at minimum, with a general overview and starting point about life in the United States, as well as an introduction to the expectations of the U.S. university classroom. Concurrently

In: The Rise of China-U.S. International Cooperation in Higher Education
Author: Gérard Escher

, as well as the aforementioned Murat Kunt and Martin Vetterli, experts in signal processing, from the University of California at Berkeley. Some of these individuals were Swiss working abroad and intending to return; others liked the quality of life around Lake Geneva or the offer of a set-up package

In: Accelerated Universities
Author: Yu Lizhong

Shanghai seeking partners. Later that year, they sent several groups to Shanghai for onsite visits to gain more and detailed information about the prospective partnership. After carefully assessing teaching, learning, and living conditions, they decided to establish a partnership with ECNU and chose to

In: The Rise of China-U.S. International Cooperation in Higher Education

national life. A new law governing education in an independent Kazakhstan was adopted in 1992. The content of education has been revised and updated at all levels in accordance with the demands of an independent nation. This forward movement has required continued revitalization of the education sector

In: Accelerated Universities
Author: Soren Willert

nothing but harmoniously consistent. Under such circumstances, successful living consists in being able to shift between Umwelten, if nor effortlessly, then at least with life- and society-sustaining productivity. Thus the self-process pertaining to one individual may be understood as a more or less

In: Organization and Newness

–800 students by 2018. (Of that 2014 total, women represented 44 percent of the student body with 61 percent of them from the UAE.) The institute’s sustainable campus with state-of-art facilities and equipment is itself a living laboratory of innovative technologies, one of many perks (including a generous

In: Accelerated Universities
Chapter 23 Intelligent Internationalization

the home HEI , which increases a student’s propensity of going abroad by six times; previous international travel experiences or living abroad, which increases student expectations to study abroad by almost four times; and studying at an HEI with a professionalized internationalization office

In: Intelligent Internationalization
Chapter 2 Endemic Corruption in Higher Education

; this might be a reason for bribing a faculty member ( Denisova-Schmidt et al., 2015 ). 2 Who Cheats More? Some groups of students are more prone than others to using various cheating techniques. One group is students living in dormitories. These students are probably the best informed about

In: Corruption in Higher Education
Author: Jane Ogden

also learned that students learn better if they are having fun and can relate to what is being taught so I made my lectures lively and full of real life examples. My first full time post was also at a Polytechnic and again I was determined to keep my students awake and to help them see the reality of

In: Exploring Pedagogic Frailty and Resilience