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movement. The Deweyan progressive school was to be part of the larger whole of a functional social life in such a way that teaching was based on the social activities of the surrounding community. Through various kinds of work-related activities and projects, schoolwork could become part of the child

In: Toward Community-Based Learning

, emergency life plans, money management). While UYP students find themselves learning about a new “community”—the university setting—they also focus on finding and solving problems within the local community using an independent investigation process. 2.2 Characteristics of Independent Investigations

In: Toward Community-Based Learning

, direct experience, and the actual life of the community in a methodological manner. During those times, different methods of reform-pedagogical teaching were applied in schools, following the use of the fundamentals of correlated, fused, core, comprehensive, and experience-based curricula (for curriculum

In: Toward Community-Based Learning
Chapter 23 Intelligent Internationalization

the home HEI , which increases a student’s propensity of going abroad by six times; previous international travel experiences or living abroad, which increases student expectations to study abroad by almost four times; and studying at an HEI with a professionalized internationalization office

In: Intelligent Internationalization
Chapter 2 Endemic Corruption in Higher Education

; this might be a reason for bribing a faculty member ( Denisova-Schmidt et al., 2015 ). 2 Who Cheats More? Some groups of students are more prone than others to using various cheating techniques. One group is students living in dormitories. These students are probably the best informed about

In: Corruption in Higher Education
Chapter 23 As Time Goes By

responses have led to increasing employment rates of older workers, and a lengthening of working life. The European Trade Unions (ETUI), in their Benchmarking Europe analysis ( ETUI, 2013 , p. 26) make a point of the high rates of Nordic labour market participation (SE: 70%; DK & FI: 60%) of older workers

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In: Career and Career Guidance in the Nordic Countries
Chapter 12 The SOYAÇ Approach with Street Involved Children and Young People in Turkey
Author: Özden Bademci

-involved children. These children thereby get acquainted with street living and substance abuse ( Bademci, 2012 ). The majority of the children in care homes arrive at school without any previous education and at a later age, and get pushed out of the school system after a short period ( Bademci et al., 2016

In: Social and Emotional Learning in the Mediterranean
1 Introduction

kind of personal legacy, in a series of desperate gestures. He records an unconvincing confession onto vinyl record for the law to find, rambles off comically hollow platitudes about life into a dictaphone, sends a hot air balloon up to the heavens, buries a pail of belongings for future generations to

In: Bringing Forth a World
Chapter 17 Struggles and Assets of Syrian University Students in Turkey

of problems do you have to deal with as a college student in Turkey?”; “could you tell us some details about your academic and personal life in Turkey?” In order to obtain rich data about the participants’ experiences, three simultaneous focus groups were conducted with twenty participants in each

In: Refugees and Higher Education
Chapter 7 Swedish Career Guidance
Author: Anders Lovén

life must be willing and motivated to support career guidance. Career counsellors with a professional training must be aware and able to deal with many different demands in career guidance. The Road Is Open … So, the answer to the future of Swedish career guidance lies in many hands. On a

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In: Career and Career Guidance in the Nordic Countries