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responses have led to increasing employment rates of older workers, and a lengthening of working life. The European Trade Unions (ETUI), in their Benchmarking Europe analysis ( ETUI, 2013 , p. 26) make a point of the high rates of Nordic labour market participation (SE: 70%; DK & FI: 60%) of older workers

In: Career and Career Guidance in the Nordic Countries

personal legacy, in a series of desperate gestures. He records an unconvincing confession onto vinyl record for the law to find, rambles off comically hollow platitudes about life into a dictaphone, sends a hot air balloon up to the heavens, buries a pail of belongings for future generations to wonder at

In: Bringing Forth a World
Author: Anders Lovén

life must be willing and motivated to support career guidance. Career counsellors with a professional training must be aware and able to deal with many different demands in career guidance. The Road Is Open … So, the answer to the future of Swedish career guidance lies in many hands. On a

In: Career and Career Guidance in the Nordic Countries

. ( Council of the European Union, 2008 , p. 1) The Nordic countries have established a link between mobility and guidance. Nonetheless, there is still much to be done to strengthen the role that guidance plays, both in giving advice and motivating young and adult learners to consider learning mobility

In: Career and Career Guidance in the Nordic Countries
Author: Kenta Miyamoto

began only a few years ago, a dearth of literature exists on South Sudanese refugees’ education in Uganda. The lack of knowledge on refugees’ education, especially what is happening at the school level, must be resolved by examining empirical evidence. This research was therefore motivated by the need

In: Migrants and Comparative Education
Author: Maria Grajdian

-loaded concept of giri-ninjō : the former assassin chooses to employ his skills (his old giri , or sense of duty in classic Japan) in the service of the community and of the ordinary people ( ninjō —his inner motivation, based on individual emotions), motivated by a deep sense of the futility of life (the

In: Bringing Forth a World

union CG-practitioner) Access to career guidance throughout life has long been part of the policy recommendations from supranational bodies. In 2008, the European Commission passed a resolution on the need for member states to adopt strategies to ensure lifelong (career) guidance. This resolution

In: Career and Career Guidance in the Nordic Countries

displaced people in the world, including 25.4 million refugees ( UNHCR, 2017 ). Students and academics were caught up in this mass of displacement, either concentrated in camps or in search of a new life in Europe. This imperialistically-motivated power shift had foreseeable and tragic consequences in

In: Universities as Political Institutions
Author: Eve Coxon

through conscious actions ( Airini, Anae, Mila-Schaaf, Coxon, Mara, & Sanga, 2010 ). In the case of TLS , recognized was that social relationships play a critical role in Solomon Islands/Melanesian political, social, and economic life; individuals are constituted and bound by their relationships to

In: Relationality and Learning in Oceania

movement. The Deweyan progressive school was to be part of the larger whole of a functional social life in such a way that teaching was based on the social activities of the surrounding community. Through various kinds of work-related activities and projects, schoolwork could become part of the child

In: Toward Community-Based Learning