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Author: Rongnan Zhang

reciprocity and justice as core values of the construction of social order. It gives up the transformation of self-identity and affirms the importance of ordinary life 10 according to Charles Taylor. By contrast, Confucianism argues that there is no need to set a limit for the transformation of self

In: West-Eastern Mirror
Author: Elizabeth Watts

the five precepts and the ten perfections with the ten commandments a One of the first references to the five precepts can be found in the Dhammapada: “Whoever destroys living beings, speaks false words, who in the world takes that which is not given to him, or goes too with another’s wife, or

In: West-Eastern Mirror

dialectical reasoning, dialogue, and analysis of your conditions of living. This is best done collaboratively with like-minded peers. Lib 1-4 Examine a recent day in your life as you might have journaled your actions and identify all the instances where your actions were dependent on, or influenced by, the

In: Survival How?

) in her systematic account of violent practices against non-humans around the world, of their intensification and proliferation, and of the inherent self-harm that our violent acts bring about for the human species. Because as a species we have so many more characteristics in common with other life

In: Survival How?

for sustainable living (failure by omission). What evidence suggests that education is guilty under the fourth observation? Section 1.4 documented the failure of governments to act in the best interests of a sustainable future for humanity and the planet. This failure can be summarised as

In: Survival How?
Author: Wayne Stein

gender. However, there is hope for women in this sutra. Just call to Kshitgarba Bodhisattva, who helps all those in hell. Thus, the sutra explains that as a woman, a weaker sex, one might be blessed and reborn as a man in the next life! In the context of a Chinese Confucian society and within the life

In: Horror Literature and Dark Fantasy
Author: Ivan Bomfim

working conditions and salaries. But at the end of 2015, the #OcupaEscola 2 movement ( #OccupySchool ), organized by primary and secondary education students, had risen with remarkable strength in the State of São Paulo, as motivated by a state government plan for ‘school reorganization’—the closing of

In: Democracy 2.0

instances of privilege and the structures that engender them. Using zombies and other monsters as mirrors of social issues isn’t new. Since George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968), zombies have stood proxy for a variety of social ills. Half a century later, however, the undead have become

In: Horror Literature and Dark Fantasy

help teachers expand their professional development as engaged culturally responsive educators. …A community asset or resource is anything that improves the quality of community life. The capacities and abilities of community members. – A physical structure or place. For example, a school

In: Communicating Effectively and Meaningfully with Diverse Families

threshold people , a term borrowed from anthropologist Victor Turner, because they violate the boundary between “the seemingly definitive states of life and death” (p. 9). He asserted that use of the undead as a “means of negotiating the perilous biological, cultural and symbolic passage between these two

In: Horror Literature and Dark Fantasy