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include the names of the three Yukon Native elders as collaborators on the publication of her dissertation, which appeared in print as Life Lived like a Story: Life Stories of Three Yukon Native Elders , by Julie Cruikshank in collaboration with Angela Sidney, Kitty Smith, and Annie Ned. King ( 2003

In: Looking Back and Living Forward

intimate with the world, and over time, if you’re living that life, you start to sense that everything has a spirit, there is a consciousness in everything. Everything is alive. If everything is alive then we want to respect it. And if we’re going to use it, we want to use it respectfully. (Cultural

In: Looking Back and Living Forward
Author: Charlene Moore

a registered population of 1,332 members with 464 members living on reserve and 868 living off reserve. The community of York Factory was relocated in 1957 to York Landing, which, is located in northern Manitoba about 50–160 Km from the nearest service stations. 10 Average earnings equal $21

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I am an urban Tahltan. I thought, at one time, that if I had been raised on traditional territory, I would be a fluent Tāłtān speaker. It saddened me to learn that living on traditional territory does not guarantee being brought up knowing one’s Ancestral language and culture. There are now fewer

In: Looking Back and Living Forward
Chapter 1 Mid-Career Faculty

, such as major life events, may also be more prominent among younger faculty ( Lackritz, 2004 ). The number of students a faculty member teaches is another predictive factor of burnout ( Lackritz, 2004 ). Since early career faculty are also more likely to spend a significant portion of their time with

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Chapter 16 Refrain

decisions, even if things would have turned out differently for you 20 years in the future had you accepted one of the jobs in the Carolinas, or if you decided to bury your authentic self by living as everyone expected you to live. This meant being married to a man and having children. Like you do now, in

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and I think that it is deeply rooted in my own personal need for inclusion and wanting the same for others. Throughout my life, I have been made to feel like an outsider or someone that I did not belong in certain spaces. Being one of only a handful of students of color throughout all of my schooling

In: The Politics of Gender
12 “Good” Teacher on Her Own Terms
Author: Chad E. Harris

teachers who believed that life adjustment was “necessary for effective, democratic living” ( 2005 , p. 301), they remained adamant that nothing get in the way of their own children’s college prospects. While “career education”—as it was called in the 1970s, a change from “vocational education” ( 2005 , p

In: Teachers, Teaching, and Media
Chapter 15 Things I Must Still Do
Author: Keith Berry

silence still prevails. No advances in terms of civil rights and social justice have occurred that have sufficiently collapsed this divide; a bifurcation that informs life in nearly every way I can imagine psychologically, emotionally, relationally, and economically. I must still tolerate and resist the

In: Living Sexuality
Chapter 8 Relational Gifts
Author: Keith Berry

perform for LGBQ rights, and civil rights, generally, motivates me to love and feel close to them. I make them a constant presence in my life. Even if they are mediated experiences, they are cherished gifts. *** If I close my eyes, I can picture being at lunch every day during high school. I am

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