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Fighting the Powers that Be

Examining Conflicting Dual Legitimate Powers Operative in Urban America


Sharon D. Jones-Eversley, Diane M. Harnek Hall and Jacqueline M. Rhoden-Trader

media images that glamorize the perils of street life normalize activities typical for gangs and motivate youth to experience them. Dealing drugs is a business and gangs are the corporate structure. They have recruiting, marketing, pricing, manufacturing, distribution, pay roll … just like any

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Celia Ho, China

The Elephant Girl


Tanya Merriman

comes to an end altogether. Continued loss of human life and the threat of extinction to elephants are both significant problems. Elephants are known as a keystone species. This means that they are species whose presence is necessary to the health and survival of the ecosystem in which it lives. This

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Natsuno Shinagawa, Japan

Raising Awareness and Getting Involved


Paul Chamness Miller

there were 1.2 million new HIV infections and 1.6 million deaths. HIV has created a chain of social problems throughout Africa. The overall life expectancy has significantly shortened in several countries. Home life has also been severely affected; when the primary income provider falls ill, other

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We don’t Want no Trouble

Inspiring White Accomplices and Solidarity in the Age of All Lives Matter


Taharee A. Jackson

, not the least of which is dedication to the All Lives Matter “movement.” This, along with Blue Lives Matter, is a sorry attempt to decenter state-sponsored violence against minorities by equating the loss of police officers themselves or any other life, for any reason other than racism. These “All

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Ten Hearts, One Thought

The Rant and Relate Team


Asbah, Shivom, Simerta, Reeana, Sanjeevani, Sadia, Divjot, Puneet and Av reet

passions to help motivate us to create meaningful change. The class was asked to design and implement an initiative that would have a positive impact on their community. It wasn’t until their experience at the University of Calgary where they participated in a structured activity that got them thinking

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“We are Strong. We are Beautiful. We are Smart. We are Iskwew”

Saskatoon Indigenous Girls Use Cellphilms to Speak Back to Gender-Based Violence


Jennifer Altenberg, Sarah Flicker, Katie Macentee and Kari-Dawn Wuttunee

neighborhood. “Moments of beautiful sparkling life, the significance of which will never be known to people who hit the lock button and speed by the inner city on their daily drive from the suburbs to downtown or the east side and back” ( Lee, 2016 , n.p.). Lee’s blog is a creative and important counterpoint

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Bini Sebastian and Christopher D. Slaten

competitive environment. International students are burdened with the same academic stresses that undergraduate and graduate students experience; however, their experiences are layered with acquiring a new language, living in a country with different sets of values, and not being in close proximity with their

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Rethinking School Belonging

A Socio-Ecological Framework

Kelly-Ann Allen, Dianne Vella-Brodrick and Lea Waters

school belonging was positively associated with a higher level of perceived academic value. The authors suggest that when young people feel connected to their school, they are more likely to find school useful and be academically motivated. Emotional stability is defined as the absence of maladaptive

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Sue Roffey and Christopher Boyle

Radicalisation of Young People Many of the atrocities perpetrated in the name of a religious group are by young men – or sometimes women – who have mostly been living in the country of the crime they commit ( Stuart, 2017 ). Evidence is strong that religion is not the primary motivator for joining violent

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How We See It

What Can Girls and Young Women Learn from National and Transnational Dialogue about Sexual Violence


Bongiwe Maome

global issue affecting women from all walks of life, the context in which it is experienced varies from one woman to the next. While this is a transnational problem that requires a transnational solution, it is also a local one that requires a context-specific solution. Some of the strategies for