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Author: Nadira Jack

leave lasting impressions on your soul. These moments are characterized by flash backs, acute awareness, intense confidence, and culminate in a glimpse of a higher form of consciousness. They restore your reason for living and provide clarity on your true purpose in life. Overwhelmed and frustrated that

In: The Pedagogy of Consciousness
Author: Jennifer Wyld

mentors, and adult facilitators. 4 Statement of the Problem Identity is a fluid construct that develops throughout life. The roles offered to members of a culture may limit the possible selves of individuals due to many factors including: age, sex, gender, and social status. Despite this

In: Studying Gaming Literacies

interested in understanding how my son’s socially mediated life affects his educational perspectives, and how this understanding informs and reforms my perspectives on contemporary teaching and learning. As a mom, I have seen three of my children move through the tween phase. I am a university prepared

In: Child-Parent Research Reimagined

productively in public discourse. Preparing and motivating young people to take the leap from seeing a set of unappealing options for engagement to envisioning (and creating) an alternative future in which their voices and needs are at the center of political life requires more than a semester of U

In: Studying Gaming Literacies

A school community requires sustenance to materialize its intentions. If intention is the dream, then sustenance is the fuel. To dream big without referencing the provisions required to bring those dreams to life sets up an unrealistic and misleading scenario for the school community. For instance

In: A Humanizing Dual Language Immersion Education

-related quality of life” (p. 387). In the study of 1,105 Dutch children between the ages of 8–11 years old, Theunissen and colleagues found that there was a difference in agreement between child and parent reporting, suggesting “that parent reports cannot be substituted for child reports” (p. 395). If this is the

In: Child-Parent Research Reimagined