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other, it has been used as a modernist category, politically speaking, to harness the resources of Enlightenment Europe as a basis for giving assurances about the future of liberal democratic societies and the American way of life. The concept was an implicit but key one assumed in an influential

In: Teaching, Responsibility, and the Corruption of Youth
Chapter 23 A Pedagogy of Presence

mine, then let us work together. 1 Recently, I initiated a creative work in the form of an open art studio at a shelter for homeless women. My inquiry and subsequent narration are informed by an understanding of life’s unfolding as Ground, Path, and Fruition, a Shambhala articulation of the

In: Art as an Agent for Social Change

include the names of the three Yukon Native elders as collaborators on the publication of her dissertation, which appeared in print as Life Lived like a Story: Life Stories of Three Yukon Native Elders , by Julie Cruikshank in collaboration with Angela Sidney, Kitty Smith, and Annie Ned. King ( 2003

In: Looking Back and Living Forward
Chapter 12 The SOYAÇ Approach with Street Involved Children and Young People in Turkey
Author: Özden Bademci

-involved children. These children thereby get acquainted with street living and substance abuse ( Bademci, 2012 ). The majority of the children in care homes arrive at school without any previous education and at a later age, and get pushed out of the school system after a short period ( Bademci et al., 2016

In: Social and Emotional Learning in the Mediterranean
Chapter 17 Struggles and Assets of Syrian University Students in Turkey

of problems do you have to deal with as a college student in Turkey?”; “could you tell us some details about your academic and personal life in Turkey?” In order to obtain rich data about the participants’ experiences, three simultaneous focus groups were conducted with twenty participants in each

In: Refugees and Higher Education

intimate with the world, and over time, if you’re living that life, you start to sense that everything has a spirit, there is a consciousness in everything. Everything is alive. If everything is alive then we want to respect it. And if we’re going to use it, we want to use it respectfully. (Cultural

In: Looking Back and Living Forward
Chapter 20 Campus Social Space in Higher Education

HE stakeholders in thinking through the complexities of university campus social spaces in the student’s life. It unravels issues of social justice in the context of how students negotiate campus social spaces, thus steering a debate for other researchers and serving as a starting point for

In: Inclusion as Social Justice
Chapter 1 In Focus

theatrical presentation involved post-performance discussions that formed the foundation for audience members’ creativity and problem-solving, using their own real-life communities for reference. This functioned as a starting point for policy discussions on how to address trauma effectively and promote

In: Art as an Agent for Social Change
Author: Charlene Moore

a registered population of 1,332 members with 464 members living on reserve and 868 living off reserve. The community of York Factory was relocated in 1957 to York Landing, which, is located in northern Manitoba about 50–160 Km from the nearest service stations. 10 Average earnings equal $21

In: Looking Back and Living Forward
7. Transformative Consciousness Raising Questions

like to be Othered? Q: Have I Othered somebody else? Why or why not? Q: What are the motivators or barriers to speaking against Othering? Q: How can I take these Othering experience as an example for how to live my life? Q: What has worked for me in the classroom? Why or why not? Q: What has

In: The Reflexivity of Pain and Privilege