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Authors: Ana Cruz and Joachim Dorsch

instant spreading of disinformation, fake news, alternative facts, intentional production of ignorance, and loss of digital privacy, we need educated citizens with the analytical skills and agency in order to effectively change these trends in a modern digitally networked society lest we endanger living

In: The International Journal of Critical Media Literacy

Neoliberalism now shambles on as a zombie—but as the aficionados of zombie films are well aware, it is sometimes harder to kill a zombie than a living person. fisher , 2013 , para. 1 ∵Authoritarian politics has been casting a heavy shadow over different realms of public life across the world

In: The International Journal of Critical Media Literacy
Author: Linda Cooper

), are in a four-day seminar focused on the theme of ‘What is Socialism?’ Participants are highly motivated, organisationally experienced and politicised. The first two days of the seminar include general inputs and discussions on socialism focusing on issues such as key features of a socialist economy

In: Workers’ Education in the Global South

in assessments and which to leave out ( Doble, 2015 ). For example, should assessments be school-based (thereby excluding children not enrolled in school) or household-based (thereby excluding those not living in a household)? Should they go beyond households and sample orphans or those living in

In: Grading Goal Four

implementation, rather than affecting a change of course. In contrast with the first six, the last target (4.7) suggests that the current education paradigm itself has negative interactions with other SDG s. It includes the phrase ‘education for sustainable development and sustainable life styles’ ( UNGA

In: Grading Goal Four
Author: Antonia Wulff

behind concepts like relevant , minimum learning standards , or skills for work and life . Bangladesh called for a balance between inputs and outcomes, and emphasised life skills as a key part of the necessary measurable learning outcomes. The Republic of Korea stated that ‘there is no particular

In: Grading Goal Four

other, it has been used as a modernist category, politically speaking, to harness the resources of Enlightenment Europe as a basis for giving assurances about the future of liberal democratic societies and the American way of life. The concept was an implicit but key one assumed in an influential

In: Teaching, Responsibility, and the Corruption of Youth

children. This is often in tension with elites who are willing to invest large sums to give their own children an educational advantage in life. Seen in broader terms, it becomes clear that if more equal and fair societies are to be created, building more equal education systems is a fundamental bedrock

In: Grading Goal Four

” ( Gordon, 2008 , p. 190). It was a reminder how history makes social life, and made plain the ways in which ableism is historically imbedded in our society. While reading your book, the participants (the lived) met me (the living) and they demanded a reckoning. My intensions with this letter are to show

In: The "Strong Poet"
Author: Nadira Jack

leave lasting impressions on your soul. These moments are characterized by flash backs, acute awareness, intense confidence, and culminate in a glimpse of a higher form of consciousness. They restore your reason for living and provide clarity on your true purpose in life. Overwhelmed and frustrated that

In: The Pedagogy of Consciousness