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recounts how a group of peers, motivated by curiosity and desire to understand fundamental questions about life and meaning, turned to classical philosophy, joining an evening class and enjoying their mutual efforts to make sense of the discourses they were exposed to. J also made a striking correlation

In: Education as Mutual Translation

demonstrate in our lives are a mirror of the degree to which we have come to realise that Brahman, or Consciousness is every individual’s true nature. The greater our self knowledge, the more likely it is that our mind will select just action, not motivated by greed or desire, but most appropriate for the

In: Education as Mutual Translation
Chapter 23 A Pedagogy of Presence

mine, then let us work together. 1 Recently, I initiated a creative work in the form of an open art studio at a shelter for homeless women. My inquiry and subsequent narration are informed by an understanding of life’s unfolding as Ground, Path, and Fruition, a Shambhala articulation of the

In: Art as an Agent for Social Change
4. Art Education as Global Education

it contributes to order, Dissanayake called attention the “ dishabituation ” function of art – i.e., the fact that we can respond to art in unusual, non-habitual ways, Art provides a sense of meaning or significance or intensity to human life that cannot be gained in any other way. Dissanayake also

In: Art, Culture, and Pedagogy
Author: Peter J. Cook

enacted and interwoven singularly, collectively, artistically, aesthetically and rhizomatically. “A/r/tography is a way of living, inquiring, and being relational” ( Springgay et al., 2007 , p. xxxi). The combination of creative and artistic practices and approaches provides for a strong alignment of the

In: Creativities in Arts Education, Research and Practice
Chapter 1 In Focus

theatrical presentation involved post-performance discussions that formed the foundation for audience members’ creativity and problem-solving, using their own real-life communities for reference. This functioned as a starting point for policy discussions on how to address trauma effectively and promote

In: Art as an Agent for Social Change

connection to a cause, such as ecological sustainability of the living earth. Background There is a central and growing importance of contemporary life of arts in society, which is subsequently influencing arts education. While political science, as a discipline, has been strangely silent on the

In: Creativities in Arts Education, Research and Practice
Chapter 7 Making Stone Soup

” (rather than “Yes, But”) justifies and builds on the contribution of another. It encourages active listening, participation, and mindfulness, and it promotes a safe environment for risk-taking while minimising self-consciousness. This approach emphasises that failure is part of life and making mistakes is

In: Art as an Agent for Social Change

the women in electronic music culture . Contemporary Music Review , 35 ( 1 ), 53 – 60 . Ahmed , S. ( 2017 ). Living a feminist life . Durham, NC : Duke University Press . [Kindle Cloud Reader] Armstrong , V. ( 2013 ). Technology and the gendering of music education . Burlington

In: Creativities in Arts Education, Research and Practice

arts enactments, my awareness of Chamorro cultural identities and heritages gained shape. Franquez sang to me in his native tongue and spoke of the importance of language and story re-vitalisation in tertiary learning whilst Borja-Quichocho-Calvo shared poetry that affirmed the presence of a living and

In: Creativities in Arts Education, Research and Practice