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Chapter 7 Cultural Heritage and Displacement
Author: Eunice Kua

cuts in necessities for daily life, including firewood supplies, have resulted in greater anxiety and low morale among refugees in the camps. The L1 (Massalit) literacy program thus began in a relatively thriving community in 2012 and had to adapt to changing camp conditions and increasing livelihood

In: Language Issues in Comparative Education II
1 Introduction

kind of personal legacy, in a series of desperate gestures. He records an unconvincing confession onto vinyl record for the law to find, rambles off comically hollow platitudes about life into a dictaphone, sends a hot air balloon up to the heavens, buries a pail of belongings for future generations to

In: Bringing Forth a World
7 The Renegotiation of Modernity
Author: Maria Grajdian

my educational and professional life as a middle-class Romanian citizen who has been living since 2000 mainly in Germany and Japan. The main difficulty in my attempts to mediate contents related to contemporary and modern Japan to US students consisted in fundamentally different visions of life and

In: Bringing Forth a World
Chapter 2 The Cultural Context

in early 1988. This illustrative reflection gives me an understanding of a significant moment that shaped who I am today as well as the richness of my living a simplified yet scholarly life. I have reflected on this story, on the experience of my leaving home leading to the truck-ride that I chose in

In: Theorising Transformative Learning
Chapter 2 How Youth Can Use Gaming as an Act of Creation
Author: Jennifer Wyld

mentors, and adult facilitators. 4 Statement of the Problem Identity is a fluid construct that develops throughout life. The roles offered to members of a culture may limit the possible selves of individuals due to many factors including: age, sex, gender, and social status. Despite this

In: Studying Gaming Literacies
1 Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s Concept of Khudi and Anti-colonial Praxis
Author: Anila Zainub

British. Muslims of colonial India were living a life of servitude to their colonial masters. They were mostly uneducated, impoverished and hopeless towards their futures ( Qazi, 2013 , p. 23; May, 1971 , p. 1). In general, most Indians accepted and approved of British rule in the Indian Subcontinent

In: Decolonization and Anti-colonial Praxis
Chapter 4 Mapping the Nature of Ethical Dilemma Stories and Transformative Learning

, and classroom dialogue. 2.7 Encouraging Critical Reflection for Analytic Skills Transformative learning begins by asking questions which lead to a disorienting dilemma. This kind of questioning, which is relevant to all aspects of life and living, refers to the ability to uncover, to re

In: Theorising Transformative Learning
Chapter 1 Introduction

Poland in all aspects of daily life. It is “…the essential ingredient of Polish nationality” ( Volenski & Grzymala-Moszczynska, 1997 , p. 330) and Polish is the language of government, commerce, science, and culture ( Zimmerman, 2010 ). As opposed to efl , a teacher living and teaching English in an

In: Resisting English Hegemony

text, self, others, society, and foster those skills necessary for living successfully within a democracy. At a time proliferate with “alternative facts” and the daily re-tweeting of history, there is a need to re-visit this prophetic canonical text. Since the last presidential inauguration, sales

In: Teaching the Canon in 21st Century Classrooms
Chapter 5 Building Civic Literacy in the English Language Arts through Geospatial Play

productively in public discourse. Preparing and motivating young people to take the leap from seeing a set of unappealing options for engagement to envisioning (and creating) an alternative future in which their voices and needs are at the center of political life requires more than a semester of U

In: Studying Gaming Literacies