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personal legacy, in a series of desperate gestures. He records an unconvincing confession onto vinyl record for the law to find, rambles off comically hollow platitudes about life into a dictaphone, sends a hot air balloon up to the heavens, buries a pail of belongings for future generations to wonder at

In: Bringing Forth a World
Author: Maria Grajdian

-loaded concept of giri-ninjō : the former assassin chooses to employ his skills (his old giri , or sense of duty in classic Japan) in the service of the community and of the ordinary people ( ninjō —his inner motivation, based on individual emotions), motivated by a deep sense of the futility of life (the

In: Bringing Forth a World
Author: Jennifer Wyld

mentors, and adult facilitators. 4 Statement of the Problem Identity is a fluid construct that develops throughout life. The roles offered to members of a culture may limit the possible selves of individuals due to many factors including: age, sex, gender, and social status. Despite this

In: Studying Gaming Literacies

in all aspects of daily life. It is “…the essential ingredient of Polish nationality” ( Volenski & Grzymala-Moszczynska, 1997 , p. 330) and Polish is the language of government, commerce, science, and culture ( Zimmerman, 2010 ). As opposed to efl , a teacher living and teaching English in an Anglo

In: Resisting English Hegemony

productively in public discourse. Preparing and motivating young people to take the leap from seeing a set of unappealing options for engagement to envisioning (and creating) an alternative future in which their voices and needs are at the center of political life requires more than a semester of U

In: Studying Gaming Literacies

A school community requires sustenance to materialize its intentions. If intention is the dream, then sustenance is the fuel. To dream big without referencing the provisions required to bring those dreams to life sets up an unrealistic and misleading scenario for the school community. For instance

In: A Humanizing Dual Language Immersion Education

solutions, assessments and examinations, idioms. Work : Jobs, adjectives to describe jobs, departments in a company, people at work, work and money, employment and the job market, idioms. Family and Social Life : Relatives, family celebrations-birth, family celebrations-weddings, family celebrations

In: Resisting English Hegemony

1 Introduction The development of English as a language of global significance is an important factor motivating the increasing number of students seeking academic and professional credentials at North American universities ( Park & Wee, 2012 ). The growing influx of international students at

In: Deterritorializing Language, Teaching, Learning, and Research