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Authors: Joy Higgs and Daniel Radovich

Creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives … most of the things that are interesting, important, and human are the results of creativity. … when we are involved in it, we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life. ( Csikszentmihalyi, 2013 , pp. 1-2) Creativity and

In: Challenging Future Practice Possibilities
Authors: Franziska Trede and Joy Higgs

teacher or a parent (and so on) and are acting according to social expectations, living up to commitments and routine pathways. Receiving affirmative feedback about actions taken strengthens identity agency and a sense of belonging to a community. Positive feedback motivates reproduction of practices and

In: Challenging Future Practice Possibilities

Global Scenarios Group 1 envisaged a divided “Fortress World” future on the one hand and on the other a “Great Transition” future in which the world rejects many of the values of market-driven societies to return to more sustainable ways of living ( Raskin et al., 2002 ). These scenarios have been

In: Challenging Future Practice Possibilities
Authors: Debbie Horsfall and Joy Higgs

worth living in for the many not just the few? – Are universities educating global democratic ethical citizens or citizens for a neoliberal white Western view of capitalist democracy? Universities are actors in this space: they have agency and power. At the moment it feels as if they are doing the

In: Challenging Future Practice Possibilities

futures in workplaces, and in community life more broadly. We have used the idea of helping students learn to address wicked problems as a way of advancing an argument about education for problem solving. Recognising that there are different kinds of problems, with different kinds of solution methods, is

In: Challenging Future Practice Possibilities
Author: Nadira Jack

leave lasting impressions on your soul. These moments are characterized by flash backs, acute awareness, intense confidence, and culminate in a glimpse of a higher form of consciousness. They restore your reason for living and provide clarity on your true purpose in life. Overwhelmed and frustrated that

In: The Pedagogy of Consciousness

important role in motivating them to achieve academically and socially. As Musek (1986) once argued, the ‘self’ to which the belief is attached, is a motivational power of personality. Self-belief as a motivational force for a teacher is grounded on the assumption that the teacher’s success or failure to

In: Contextual Intelligence in School Leadership

, habits and dispositions necessary for successful life in a changing and challenging world. In practical sense, school community signifies an inclusive approach to student learning and achievement, which creates space for everyone with interest in children’s education to participate actively and fully in

In: Contextual Intelligence in School Leadership