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stories of these four women to life, and covers such topics as the Civil Rights Movement, the Space Race, and the Cold War, among other significant historical events they experienced during their lifetimes. This resource can serve as a great supplement for history and anti-discrimination lessons. Grades 3

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movement. The Deweyan progressive school was to be part of the larger whole of a functional social life in such a way that teaching was based on the social activities of the surrounding community. Through various kinds of work-related activities and projects, schoolwork could become part of the child

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, emergency life plans, money management). While UYP students find themselves learning about a new “community”—the university setting—they also focus on finding and solving problems within the local community using an independent investigation process. 2.2 Characteristics of Independent Investigations

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, direct experience, and the actual life of the community in a methodological manner. During those times, different methods of reform-pedagogical teaching were applied in schools, following the use of the fundamentals of correlated, fused, core, comprehensive, and experience-based curricula (for curriculum

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character being told (the persona), and the living person whose life was being told required a historical/empirical differentiation in the complex relationship between individuals and their past and present environment. This again posed new questions about the theorizing of the learner subjectivity. The

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most of these theories inadequately explain the existence of real dilemmas in practical living in that they tend to undervalue either the place of history or the thinking and argumentation of individuals. Rather than presenting dilemma as a genuine struggle for the individual or as playing a

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1 Ambivalence and Experience
Author: Kirsten Weber

continuity in psychological reactions throughout the life history, that may also be applied on a horizontal cross section of everyday life. Freud’s point is that faced with meaningless ideas and futile activities you must trace the – long gone? – situation where the ideas were well motivated and the

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Chapter 12 Analogies in Biomimicry

solutions. A field that teaches how to dive into the science found in nature and how to apply this in sustainable design, is Biomimicry. “Biomimicry seeks not to copy nature exactly, or use organisms’ directly for our benefit, or to fill rooms with the beauty of living things, but seeks to emulate design

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Chapter 2 Design-Based Learning in Science and Technology as Integrated STEM

their preconceptions (after all the experimental situation, like the air track, is rather artificial and hardly related to daily life). Design challenges, however, are not artificial. Let us take the example of designing a boat as a strategy for learning about sinking and floating. This activity

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Chapter 9 Seeking to Know and Understand the Self

contributed to sculpting me. Living alone for an extended length of time in a couple of foreign countries, and traveling alone in many more, made me learn about who I am, the place and people I came from, my cultural and spiritual background, perhaps more than what I learned about the hosting country and

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