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rights, overall experience of life (are the EU indicators). The nine indicators resulted in IWI values within 50–60 scores. A similar study by Xue (2018) had seven well-being indicators adopted from EU. These were: standard of living, health, life achievements, personal relationship, personal safety

In: The African Review
Author: Kiagho Kilonzo

went to the bush to find some medicines, a notion that reflects a familiar fact for most living in African societies. It is known that most of the African indigenous medical preparations come from the bush, through tree leaves, barks, and roots. 2 For example, in Nigeria, Bever (1986) discusses the

In: Utafiti

irrelevance. Most importantly, the discovery of oil in commercial quantities in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Niger has generated optimism and anticipation of a better life for the people living within the respective countries. This notwithstanding, the narrative surrounding African countries such as

In: The African Review

involvement negatively influences the lives of many young men living in Cape Town, South Africa. Approximately 130 gangs are operating in Cape Town with a membership estimated at around 100,000 individuals (Kinnes et al., 2011). Gangs have been portrayed as an anti-social way of life demanding loyalty from

In: The African Review

motivated citizens to establish their own woodlands. Despite their significant roles in the provision of forest conservation education, all the zonal forest publicity units finally closed shop and ended their operations due to lack of funds. Furthermore, the study found that the country had only a few

In: The African Review

consumption. Capitalist relations of production transformed the feudal ways of doing business and capitalist competition became a life and death struggle where the accumulation of capital became the driving force behind human activities. In this rush for profits, morality had no place. The violent and

In: The African Review
Author: Jude A. Momodu

provisioning to be taken as a shared responsibility between state and non-state actors. Buttressing this argument, this study puts forward some very fundamental questions such as: What factors motivated the members of NSSG s to stand up to defend their communities from the ferocious attacks of the Boko Haram

In: The African Review

one of the clear policies of Hadrian’s reign, conducted most intensively in North Africa and along the Danube. 13 This policy was motivated by a perceived need to develop the administrative network of the empire. The municipia that received their status under Hadrian show large variations in size

In: Regional Urban Systems in the Roman World, 150 BCE - 250 CE
Author: Matthew Hobson

inter-site distances and deep regional hierarchies made the experience of urban life qualitatively very different for those living in northern Africa Proconsularis and those living in a large town close to the Numidian frontier, or on the plains of Mauretania Tingitana. Analysis of the process of

In: Regional Urban Systems in the Roman World, 150 BCE - 250 CE

: 172) "...I valued very highly the experience of sharing the life of a community whose customs, founded on the most ancient traditions, belong essentially to an earlier and to me a congenial age. This was one of the com- pensations for living in a country where life is necessarily a strain, since the

In: Journal of Asian and African Studies