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Alaí Reyes-Santos

migrants, they have not been forced to migrate, they are nevertheless faced with the prospects of chronic poverty—limited or no access to water, electricity, education, food, health care, or a living wage—without much hope for a better future in the Dominican Republic. “Choosing between chronic poverty and

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Holly Ackerman

they were detained in a state of uncertainty for nine months before a clear resolution of their situation was announced. The book provides a nice balance between historical context and oral testimony on each of these points. Readers will come away with a clear sense of daily life in the camps and the

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Thirsting to Write

Kettly Mars’s Aux Frontières de la soif and the Haitian Postearthquake Novel

Martin Munro

between polar opposites, winter and summer, north and south, and to discover at last “spherical life,” as he puts it (Laferrière 2009:297, 298). Cradled by the “old Caribbean wind,” he sleeps with a smile on his face, like he did when he was a child living with his grandmother, a time that “has finally

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Audubon, Another Vision

Derek Walcott’s “White Egrets” and Adam’s Task of Giving Things Their Names

Maria Cristina Fumagalli

oblivion” (7) suggests that Walcott might also be thinking of a form of absence which has more to do with his own demise than with his transient life. As for the egrets, we are told that they too tend to appear on the lawn intermittently: “I hadn’t seen them for half of the Christmas week … but they are

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Susette Min

search of a new life. More than 46,000 individuals have died since 2000, and more than 40 million internally displaced people ( idp ) have been detained and interned in camps all over the world, some for committing only the offence of crossing—or trying to cross—a border without papers. 1 The

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Zines at Work

Visualizing Diasporic Filipina/o Identities in .45 Kaliber Proof

Darlene Marie “Daya” E. Mortel

political conditions in the Philippines. In the November 2005 issue, a page was used to display the English translation of lyrics to a Tagalog folk song, “ Awit Sa Bayani ” [Song of a Hero]. Nationalistic in tone, the lyrics were written for an activist who had lost his or her life. Using this song at that

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Ana Paulina Lee and Anna Kazumi Stahl

hegemonic centres but also hegemonic voices or practices still afoot in marginal locations. Hence, inquietude seems a key analogy for what has motivated and driven this roundtable. Inquietudes brings forth the notion of being in movement, of shuffling or shuttling between points of quietude, touching on

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Richard Price and Sally Price

pages) based on the life of Swiss-born Henriette Faber, who posed as a man to receive her medical education in France, served as a surgeon in Napoleon’s army, and eventually settled and married a woman in rural Cuba. Unmasked by her wife, she suffered through a spectacular, sensational trial and was

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The Bakru Speaks

Money-Making Demons and Racial Stereotypes in Guyana and Suriname

Rogério Brittes W. Pires, Stuart Earle Strange and Marcelo Moura Mello

social life. Because Guianese people across ethnic groups perceive bakulu through money, and money through bakulu, these spirits exercise a vital influence on how people conceive of what money is, how it should be used, and the ways in which it defines intra- and interethnic trust. Accordingly, we want

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Dangerous Encounters, Ambiguous Frontiers

Dance, Sex, and Intimacy in Nineteenth-Century Cuba

Pilar Egüez Guevara

slave trade the number and extent of slave uprisings also grew. Fear and anxiety about the possibility of a black takeover similar to Haiti motivated a series of segregation and repressive measures on the part of creole elites and the colonial state over the first half of the nineteenth century. 8