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Aitoru Terenguto

life is insignifi cant in comparison to the awesomeness of nature. RELIGION – GIFTS FROM NATURE Todayʼs mechanisation, industrial rationalisation and technology do not alter Mongolian beliefs of life and death. Nature remains where they dwell and what their living relies on. A poem ‘My Motherlandʼ (D

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A Time of Normalcy

Javanese ‘Coolies’ Remember the Colonial Estate

Nicole Lamb

article derive from a larger collection of oral history interviews recorded in 2010 with former Javanese estate workers in Kayu Aro. In 2010, I spent nine months living on the tea estate and recording the life narratives of two generations of elderly villagers, their stories collectively encapsulating the

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Majed Akhter

theory and dozens of entrancing maps to demonstrate that ‘the systematic overhaul’ of the environment of Singapore, a prosperous, multi-ethnic city-state in Southeast Asia, ‘represents a deliberate and politically motivated form of social transformation and management, a transformation monitored from

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Sergei Batomunkuev

spaces, the urbanised way of life in which people were forced to participate minimised the influence of adults on their children’s socialisation. The adults spent a large part of their time outside the home, time which was devoted to the resolution of problems of living. In the context of an almost

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Return to an Inner Utopia

Su Shi’s Transformation of Tao Qian in
His Exile Poetry

Zhiyi Yang

outcome of his unyielding character. In this regard, both not only “returned” to living a spontaneous life in nature, but also chanced their return in seemingly different, but equally natural, fashions. Their difference was thus not a matter of choice (Tao) verses force (Su), but solely in that Tao

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Eleanor Peers

E LEANOR P EERS 65 Youth and ‘The Movement’ – Social Life in a Rural District of Buryatia A NATOLIY B RESLAVSKY 83 The Adaptation of Young Rrural Buryats to Ulan-Ude’s Urban and Educational Space A NNA B UYANOVA 97 ‘With Poem-Bullets Around Our Waist’: A Translation of Choinom’s Poem ‘Buriad’ With

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Galina v. Manzanova

she shows how Buryats have a distinctive set of attitudes related to their historical way of life and values. After three years of agricultural reform, it is now possible to evaluate its conse- quences in the Russian regions. We are concerned here with the consolidation of the ways of behaving

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Bruce Huett

a respected member of the Royal Asiatic Society and the first woman to be employed by the Cambridge University Library. This article explores the rela- tionship between the life of this eccentric woman and oriental books and manuscripts, against the background of the rapidly transforming society of

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Elizabeth Chandra

. Liem must have been familiar with Tan’s account as his description of the workers’ living quarters in Merah is curiously similar to a scene of the city in the aftermath of the 1918 riot cited in Tan’s book. But to speculate that Liem had been motivated by racial prejudice in his choice of a hajji

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Harry A. Poeze

into perspective. Special attention is given to the role and position of a ship surgeon, life aboard a VOC ship, the importance of intra-Asian trade, and the background of his observations on Batavia, Siam, and Coromandel. The text is in the contemporary vocabulary of the 1650s. With some exertion it