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Living a Motivated Life

A Memoir and Activities

Raymond J. Wlodkowski

What if, as psychologists and adult educators advocate, a person chose a life where his motivation for the work itself determined what he did? Living a Motivated Life: A Memoir and Activities follows the author through forty years, revealing how he selected vocational pursuits guided by his understanding of intrinsic motivation and transformative learning. As a compass for relevant decisions, these ideas gave energy and purpose to how he lived, and an instinct as sure as sight for the future.

Written with nuance, humor, and unpredictability, this story renders how he came to appreciate learning for the pleasure of learning. Facing similar challenges as those of today’s first generation college students, the memoir narrates his unexpected college enrollment, his friendship with an ancient history professor, and his triumphs and travails as teacher, psychologist, human relations specialist, psychotherapist, and adult educator.

This is the first memoir of someone who consciously chose to lead a professional life to experience flow on a daily basis. It is an important step in the integration and evolution of intrinsic motivation theory and transformative learning. But it reaches beyond this outcome, sharing how the author aspired to be better at what he valued and showing how he discovered and extended these ideas to others.
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Nicole Sieben

pathways to success are possible and encouraged, and this will also be the case for individual approaches to writing as well. This image of life hope as a metaphor for hopeful writing approaches can help students to see that writing, just like life, is about being motivated to use strategies that are

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More Courses and Programs, Part 2

Special Topics: Visiting Scholar; Informal Science Institutions; and Stakeholders in Science Education Reform. Marine Science Community Building; Informal Science Institutions Environmental Education Graduate Certificate; and Biology for Teachers

Barbara S. Spector

teaching of life science through inquiry, using a real-world situation that exemplifies the ecological technology of the living machine.” (Technology is solving a human problem.) They agreed it was a reasonable and useful project. This open-ended task enabled them to experience the problem solving process

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Edited by Judy Robertson, Alison Williams, Derek Jones, Lara Isbel and Alan J. Tait

Designer Elspeth Maxwell

Illustrator Daphne Loads

writer bell hooks, we ask you to imagine: living in a world where there is no domination […] but where a vision of mutuality is the ethos shaping our interaction. Imagine living in a world where we can all be who we are, […] able to create beloved community, to live together, realising our dreams of

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Lifelong Citizenship

Lifelong Learning as a Lever for Moral and Democratic Values


Dorit Alt and Nirit Raichel

allow them to enjoy these opportunities and actively contribute to these new features of social life. Education systems worldwide are thus coping with the need to adjust to the changing era, which is perceived as a new world picture – a world with a new human agenda, whose key features of human

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On the Margins of Inclusion

Higher Education Challenges Faced by Immigrant Techworker Spouses in the United States


Himabindu Timiri

money for studies. But I can’t keep asking everyone for money to study. I’ve come to a position in life where I must earn and give others. All that is difficult. Else they could arrange funding and give those of us who are willing to study. We will also put in our hard work. I am ready to work that

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Michelle Henault Morrone

life-choices. Although at this writing, the non-national population is under two percent of the national total, its presence adds to the challenges faced by Japan’s post-bubble society, a society in which many of its own citizens are at increasing risk of becoming marginalized as a result of ongoing

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Mark Enfield and Sara Belle Rosenthal

A Prelude to Entry I sometimes wonder how people like myself who prepare teachers in professional programs maintain understandings of the life of a teacher in ever changing learning contexts. I also wonder, when I visit schools, what would it take for me to feel like this was ‘my place’ or to

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Sources of Satisfaction and Joy in My Work

Living Long Enough to Be Vindicated

Barbara S. Spector

across the country in the Sea Grant network and those I met in related professional associations. Then when I became faculty at FIU, I strengthened and expanded my connections in the professional associations from the perspective of a faculty person. Much of my life was consumed by wonderful interactions

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Barbara S. Spector

discrimination I experienced because of being a female, and how gender influenced everything from my attire, to perception of my own power, to mentoring other female faculty, to being told to retire. The interviewer, Dr. ChyrisseTabone, asked (a) What do you see as your life’s purpose? (b) Have you ever