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Hrvoje Bozicevic

Croatia. * * * * * Croatia is a small book market with much competition, where publishers have to fight to earn their daily living. Their situa- tion became even more precarious at the end of 1997, when the country was beginning to recover from the ravages of war which followed its attainment of

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Charles T. Wolfe

definition of an experimental life science that also involve demands for the autonomy of such a science. 10 
 Vitalism is, then, a concept (or better, a family of concepts – indeed, ones lacking a strictly conceptual presentation, as they are above all attempts to grasp the specificity of living systems

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Daniel Cosacchi

living theologians as well as one who has labored for many years in El Salvador, much like the subject of the text. In another sense, reading this book is like one long prayer; it is perhaps even more about Catholic, Christian spirituality than it is an academic work. On a third level, this book is a

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Kelsey Jackson Williams

Antiquarianism (2007), reflecting on the scholarship of Arnaldo Momigliano, grandfather of the discipline; the second, Antiquarianism and Intellectual Life in Europe and China, 1500–1800 (2012, co-edited with François Louis), developing a comparative approach to antiquarian practices in the two cultures. 3

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Bruce Thompson

the street paintings of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, the most famous of which, Der Potsdamer Platz (1914) is set in the milieu of the Wertheim store. Simmel’s famous essays “The Metropolis and Mental Life” and “The Stranger” provide the interpretive keys to Kirchner’s representation of a street life that

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Gordon Graham

not by choice. Forced migration is a great motivator. When ties with your homeland are cut and you are a stranger in a strange land, you set out from a new beginning to do the things that you know and rebuild the life you have lost. It is impossible to measure the extent of the influence of the

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David M Levy

Genesis, and curiously, it is a d e s c r i p t i o n o f h u m a n b e i n g s , n o t o f w r i t t e n forms. “God formed Adam from the dust of the earth, and blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and Adam became a living soul.” The parallel between this mythic event and the creation of actual

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Philip Endean

opened up, and in one sense radicalizing his procedures. But they are also selling Rahner’s achievement short. Kolozs’s work is a biographical treatment of the whole of Rahner’s life, one that a German-speaking broader public will find helpful if they can overcome the austerely academic typography. The

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Henk Nellen

of book that is a primarily historical text – a book in the most limited sense of a collection of printed words on a page’ (142). Elsewhere Morrow points out that the emergence of religion as a set of privatised beliefs coincided with the transformation of the Bible from ‘living polymorphic Word to

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Frances Pinter

, I was twenty-three years old, living in London and working on my PhD dissertation. Perhaps being editor of this-and-that in high school (I grew up in the United States) or organizing anti-Vietnam war demonstrations at universities in New York and London was good preparation. Running a company