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Author: Jennifer Way

book, line drawings depict one or two artisans’ intent on their work, surrounded by materials, tools, and finished artefacts. 13 Huet’s photograph supplements this lineage with a quiet mood and the artisan’s loneliness. Interestingly, these last features contrast the reality of life in the Xom Moi

In: War and Art
Author: Dagmar Herzog

, recapped, the “euthanasia” murders “did not, after all, belong to the central features of racial-hygienic programming” and the new evidence indicated that “there was a difference in principle between the prevention and the annihilation of life ‘unworthy of living’ ” (emphasis mine). Indeed, as it turned

In: Beyond "Ordinary Men"
Author: Samuel Barnai

1 The Early Postwar Years Jewish life during the early postwar years in Lithuania can be divided into several stages. The first began just after the liberation of the country from Nazi occupation, and lasted until 1948. This period was a time of the revival of the Jewish community, the

In: The History of Jews in Lithuania

by Arabs, with the implication that the purchase was somehow politically motivated. The Israeli magnate poured cold water on the idea: “Look,” he told a writer from the New York Times , “I don’t think this is the reason that a public company does a deal. It is not a hobby. It is not personal.” 7 In

In: Beyond "Ordinary Men"

even liberal, republic of individuals, which emphasized the centrality of the individual and his right to conduct his life according to his own interpretation of the terms of religion and tradition. This dramatic new move was best expressed by the phrase “Be a Jew at home and a Man outside”, formulated

In: The History of Jews in Lithuania

present God’s order in its most perfect form to the believer, an order to be imitated by the human life in its social dimensions. It was a sign of “cosmic, informed piety”. 4 Astronomical clocks thus served as a religious teaching tool similar to other artistic adornments of the church. Such devices also

In: The Astronomical Clock of Strasbourg Cathedral

than American forces during World War II. Between 1941 and 1945, GIs served on every continent except Antarctica. Scholars of travel and tourism emphasize that travel is a transcendent and even sacred experience that takes one beyond the realm of ordinary life. 4 It is also by nature ephemeral. Once

In: War and Memorials
Author: Hans Derks

, families, large groups like races) in order to enhance and then sustain the purest qualities of family, social and racial life. The stronger the state and its racial and genetic laws, the better. Let’s take a look at his main work: Heredity in Relation to Eugenics (1911). 3 In the first seven sentences

In: Victims and Perpetrators

ensuring permanent tenure of land granted by a king to laymen was something that was only in the process of coming to fruition in the latter years of Bede’s life. 15 A second factor is the nature of the coinage in Northumbria in the reign of Ecgfrith. Apart from a handful of gold thrymsas associated

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In: The Land of the English Kin