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Angelika Molnár

the ‘closed’ text of the poetic genre to disintegrate, rendering discourse a space for conflicting languages and voices. Belinsky’s assertion, for a long time omnipotent (and therefore monologic), that “ Onegin [is] an encyclopaedia of Russian life,” 3 is corrected by Bakhtin, who claims that

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Lonny Harrison

Nights and elsewhere, descends in concrete ways from De Quincey’s opium eater. Moreover, both Alekseev and Ipatova posit that De Quincey’s character Anne of Oxford Street, the kind-hearted prostitute whom the narrator of Confessions credits with saving his life, is a conceptual model for an assortment

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Ottmar Ette

consciously referring here to his dissertation, which was about (and schooled in) the art of remembrance in Marcel Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu , and which, in a sense, closes, from the end of his life, a circle of remembering and writing. The commentary that immediately follows seems to refer to

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Amaleena Damlé

Rayhana, an activist, actor and writer, as text and as performance. The article considers the dramatic setting of the hamman, a private women’s space that here becomes publicly visible, as well as the real-life attack on the playwright during the play’s first season (it was performed in Belleville in 2016

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Dorottya Szávai

surmising from the words and the forms of their organization the specific, living interrelations of the author with the world he depicts and entering into those interrelations as a third participant (the listener’s role). 34 This fragment from Discourse in Life and Discourse in Art does not

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Gunnar Skirbekk

practical tasks in daily life). For example, Erik Pontoppidan, a theologian and man of enlightenment, was commissioned by the king in the 1730s to write an explanation of Luther’s Catechism – a collection of 759 questions and answers (with a shorter version for slow learners) – for use at the Lutheran

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Milan Orlić

prose writing of Svetislav Basara. Thematically, Marčićev’s novel focuses on the lives of young people living in the shadow of big historic events. Using the general artefacts of every-day life (current fashion trends, favourite books and films, music and sport), the narrating voice appears as a

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Sonja Veselinović

autobiographical fragment motivated by the socio-political conditions. The students answer “that they couldn’t care less about literature. It bored them,” according to Lucić. 8 What for her is a disappointing predictability expressed in their answers about their favourite books, namely, the ones by Hermann

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A Moment in Mamardashvili’s Conception of Non-Classical Rationality

His Reception of Uznadze’s Psychological Theory of Set

Daniel Regnier

is it that motivates Uznadze to analyse the type of phenomena we have mentioned in terms of “set”? Uznadze gives a very clear account of what he understands to be the advantages of his perspective in the introduction to his The Psychology of Set . On the one hand he criticizes traditional psychology

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Irene Zohrab

launches them into adult life with responsibilities that include sacrifice and inevitable death, albeit with the promise of an afterlife, at least in the memories of the living. The poetry of Hugh Clough (1819–1861), a former pupil of the school, is quoted repeatedly, especially from his volume Ambarvalia