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democracy which h a s failed to bring about an immediate paradise on earth, readers' notions a b o u t life in the W e s t in general and a b o u t t h e life of poles living abroad in particular are constantly.chang-ing. In the late 1980s a new image of emigration, clearly anti-Romantic, emerged

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The Anchorite and the Cenobium

The “Life of Nikifor” and Its Meaning for Solovki Monastery

Jennifer B. Spock

of the skhema and were approved by the hegumen to follow a life of stillness or quietude ( hesychia ). A flavor of adolescent fervor runs through this episode of the life. Solovki Island clearly had multiple hermits living in the monastery environs and it seems they included men who took it upon

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Susan Zayer Rupp

. But. S e r g e concluded, life was good in Bolshevik Russia of 1926, which had regained the living s t a n d a r d s of 1913. Had bureaucratic Stalinism not s u c c e e d e d by 1927, the modernization of Russia would have been carried out humanely and effi- ciently by the Old Bolsheviks. S e r g e

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Lynn Mally

small proprietors who barely eked out a living. More sold from small make-shift tables than from shops; many sold by holding up their goods for sale in their own hands. They suffered through waves o f repression during the 1920s, as the government continually redefined its policies on trade and trad

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Jennifer Clibbon

were placed in state institutions chose to escape back to their comrades on the streets. What were they running from?,As we learn in section two, the government's alternative to life on the streets was no alternative. Although in the early 1920s there was idealistic talk of molding young waifs into a

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Anne Fitzpatrick

Khariton, who led the laboratory with impeccable savoir-faire. Tsukerman wrote this book towards the end of his life: critical readers will see the shortcomings of a personal scientific memoir where memories fade over time and documents are not footnoted. Indeed, Arzamas-16 is not a scholarly analysis, but

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Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, and Damn the Dictatorship

Concepts and Conduct of Well-Being in Uzbekistan

Russell Zanca

, and flat screen televisions, the chance to vacation in Greece, or the desire to own a luxury home; villagers are well aware of all these things (many even are covetous!), but the idea of living well and enjoying one’s life has plenty to do with desires and expectations tempered by the patterns of

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that no living thing is ever destroyed, b u t that each thing becomes a part in turn o f the chain o f life by being absorbed into a higher form o f being. " L o o k at the animals; they feed upon the juices o f plants. The elephant alone is the grave o f a thousand vegetables, b u t a living, acting

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Thomas A. Emmert

colorful and controversial Serbs, llija G a r a s a n i n (iiija G a r a s a n i n : Balkan Bismarch � j and Colonel Dragutin T. Dimitrijevic (Apis: The Congenial Conspirator The Life o f Colonel Dragutin T. Dimitrijevic � . His other major works clearly d e m o n s t r a t e the range of his interests

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e n t for the w e a r i n e s s of life" (82/492). He wants to s t o p time, to put an e n d to relentless sempiternity, and t h e desire is not his alone but is s h a r e d by other characters. The con- struction project in The Foundation Pit is motivated by the desire to liberate t h e proletariat