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Julene M. Denne and Norman L. Thompson

"free to be my own person and to live my life the way I chose." Yet another "escaped" from a drug rehabilitation program and resumed university studies. These examples also show how the content of proactive living differed widely between subjects. At a broad level of conceptualization this 120

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Louise Koepfler and HY Day

prime con- cern of a person living on a kibbutz, the socialist philosophy, vis-a-vis individual possessions, fashions the meaning of work and its motivators. Com- petition among members may exist, but not for economic reward. Individuals * Thanks are due to professors U. Levithan and M. Rosner at the

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E. Anker Nilsen

inside driving dynamic process. In order to analyze the quality of the religious experience we shall deal with the following factors in the integrating process. First of all, the individual's ability to grow depends upon his cognitive concept of the religious values which operates in his life. In a more

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Siv Illman

theology and Christian faith into contact with everyday life. His meditation on human suf- fering and God's incarnation has, no doubt, motivated him to write in a liter- ary style implicating such relevance. The perspective in the novels expresses human situations where people suffering from inner conflict

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Tomas Lindgren

in which he is still living. During his stay in Morocco he became familiar with Islam for the fi rst time in his life and that made a strong impression on him. He was trained, after twenty years as a diplomat, to penetrate into di ff erent cultures and atmospheres, and he said that his fi rst experience

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Amedeo Giorgi and Nico Gallegos

. Structure One for P4 and P6 A positive experience in psychotherapy for a long-term client suffering var- ious problems in living is one in which a client feels that some alleviation of the problem that motivated therapy has taken place. This occurs when the personhood of the therapist resonates well with

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Peter Ashworth

psychology and phenomenology is seen slightly differently. The change in attitude which opens up reflection upon one's conscious life (rather than just living it) is accomplished by the phenomenological-psychological reduction, a step which is an important move in the direction of the full tran- scendental

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Andrée Michel

wife's employment. The data has been collected in recent years from a probabilistic sample provided by the French National Institute of Statistics: 450 French families living in the Paris area and 100 French families living in Bordeaux were interviewed; the sample was stratified by occupational milieu

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Franz Mehring

zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung , pp. 50–72. motivated by petty vanity, though he knew that Marx, through a friendship of many years, had overcome his initial mistake. Thus was Sorge in everything: loyal and sincere, and of an inexible rectitude. But he was completely free from what so often

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Joona Taipale

interpreted as being founded upon the natural (like with the life-philosophers). This insight, again, motivates the third part of Ideas ii which concerns lived experience and personal world-constitution without naturalizing its foundations. In a similar vein, Staiti heads towards this direction in the