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, conventions and institutions which continue to safeguard the precious biodiversity he fought for and dedicated his life to protecting. The iucn and the entire environmental community owe Dr. Burhenne a great debt. We give thanks for a remarkable life of dedication and commitment that will go on protecting

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Tony Honoré

exercising our innate faculties. It would be odd for living creatures, such as humans, not to treat life as a value, or at least, in Stoic terminology, as a ‘preferred indifferent’ 62 . This odd term is used because in the Stoic view only virtue is good. All the other things we value are 54 D. 1.3.2 (Marcian

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Roberto Andorno Koivurova and Ismo Pölönen

in the best interests of the person concerned, be motivated by a desire to bring about his death”. This means, in other words, that the notion of “best interests” relates to the benefits and burdens of the treatment itself (and may eventually jus- tify the withholding or withdrawal of life

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United States Court of Appeals, First Circuit Cook ν. Rhode Island

Editors International Labour Law Reports

purposes, as any person who actually has, or who "is regarded" as having, a "physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more of such persons major life activities"). Up to this point in time, however, few "per- ceived disability" cases have been litigated and, consequently, decisional

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Hans Jacob Debes

Islands and other parties. Therefore, there will be no need of repeating what has already been said and written. I would rather prefer giving not a technical view - since I am not a legal tech- nician - but some political reflections on our position in the turbulent life of international politics, some of

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Surya Prasad Subedi

concerned with an assured right of free access to the sea. Without this right, no other rights, such as navigation, explo- ration or exploitation of the living and non-living resources of the sea, can be exer- cised. This is why, before assessing marine fishery rights, a short look at the other rights of

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Ida Elisabeth Koch

refugees and immigrants to a very large degree simply because some have language difficulties and many are traumatised. Moreover, the motivating effect of start aid is to be considered in the light of the considerable sacrifices that are connected with having to exist on a very low cash benefit. These

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Digest of decisions and principles of the Committee . In its conclusions, the Committee presents an abundance of considerations that underline that even if the government had provided a substantiated and motivated defence, it would have been unlikely to pass a test that has been firmly established by the

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José L. Gómez del Prado

motivation in the definition of a mercenary both in International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law regional and international instruments. The individual must essentially be motivated by private gain to take part in the hostilities ( armed conflict ), or in other situations ( overthrowing

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Patrick Thornberry

rights has slowly risen in prominence in the life of the United Nations and the international community. From a low point of relative neglect at the time of the founding of the UN and the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, subsequent decades have witnessed the emergence of a plethora