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) can also allow for a great variety of insight. Are SeIns , prediction errors or disfluency of processing aversive in everyday life (not always motivating exploration of potentially rewarding insights)? Seeing something as an artwork might pose very different criteria, attitudes and ‘issues’ for the

In: Art & Perception

al., 2017a ). The latest version of the questionnaire, called the Temporal Competency Test 5D (TCT 5D), added more dimensions: full present (engaging wholeheartedly in present experience; living moments to their fullest) and past (learning from past mistakes or experience in order to mature

In: Timing & Time Perception
Author: Fabrizio Serrao

and aggressive. At least in humans, the pleasure of detecting a living organism can be explained by the ‘biophilia hypothesis’ ( Wilson, 1984 ). According to it, humans are attracted to life-related stimuli. This promotes the interaction with other organism, which is in turn adaptive. The enjoyment of

In: Art & Perception
Author: Tara Chittenden

duration and enchantment to the viewing experience. By the 1880s, Marey was experimenting with animating and projecting a bird in flight by making sculptural models based on his photographs of pelicans. At this time Marey was animating almost life-size sculptures of birds and isolated bird wings using a

In: Art & Perception
Author: Gregory Forth

living longer than 100 years (Drew et al., 2013), a life span that would allow them to reach a considerable size, provide further support for the large terrestrial crabs Mego call kepi reflecting a population of Birgus . Colours described by eye-witnesses also match the coconut crab, which occurs in two

In: Crustaceana

). Indeed, the greatest controversy surrounding assisted migration is motivated simply by our lack of understanding of how to implement such a program effectively and safely, as well as our perspectives on the movement of species across the continuum of geographic scale. The history of humans includes the

In: Israel Journal of Plant Sciences

sparrows (Archawaranon & Wi- ley, 1988; Poiani et al., 2000) but not of free living white-throated sparrows (Archawaranon et al., 1991). There is also growing evidence from birds that individuals may enter a period when challenges do not affect testosterone (Wingfield & Hahn, 1994; Soma & Wingfield, 2001

In: Behaviour

scientists find it perfectly normal to pay a registration fee to be allowed to present their results, artists find it perfectly normal to be paid to present their results – indeed, exhibiting their artwork is a big part of how they make their living. Partly thanks to the generous support of some scientists

In: Art & Perception

defer to the judgment of this embodied ‘other’. Research on awareness of internal bodily signals further shows that people who lack experiences of power in their daily living tend to have lower interoceptive accuracy (Moeini-Jazani et al ., 2017), which is a predictor of more malleable body schemas

In: Multisensory Research

unforgettable teacher but a little book that appeared in 1944, What Is Life? , by the Austrian-born father of wave mechanics, Erwin Schrödinger. ∵ Thus begins the second chapter of DNA. The Secret of Life (2003), in which James Watson (b. 1928) narrates the events that led him—along with Francis Crick (1916

In: Brill's Companion to the Philosophy of Biology