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Author: Ronald Hendel

definition of this phenomenon, which Smith takes up. Assmann poses a definition that rests on equating the functions of gods, which then motivates the translation of gods. These two steps, however, are insufficiently differentiated in Assmann’s model, which leads to confusion. In ancient polytheisms

In: Mighty Baal

-European was motivated by a split within the preexisting PIE animate gender and that the split was sex-based”, and he notes (as Luraghi does in 2011, though not in 2009b) that Meillet had already proposed in 1931 that the PIE feminine arose within the “common” or “animate” gender: “that the creation of the

In: Hrozný and Hittite

with active involvement in Emarite affairs in two documents. 102 One is a living testament, which was concluded in front of Šaḫurunuwa and bears his royal seal. 103 As nothing in the text reveals why the king of Karkamiš was involved in such a quotidian legal matter, we might assume that the

In: The Politics of Ritual Change