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. Late antiquity was an era of expansion for Christian liturgical life across the Mediterranean. A major feature of this development was the emergence during the fourth century of trained choirs for liturgical service, along with new forms of hymnography crafted to highlight their participation. 6 In

In: Wisdom on the Move: Late Antique Traditions in Multicultural Conversation
Author: Allison L. Gray

pick itself up and move to a new location. With that, the custodian is converted. This unusual story of passing notes and throwing rocks is preserved in Gregory of Nyssa’s Life of Gregory Thaumaturgus , a biographical narrative account that was originally delivered as an oration in Neocaesarea (ca

In: Vigiliae Christianae
Author: David Ungvary

linguistic scholarship. Motivating his work on etymology, for example, was a basic desire to recover “ vis verbi ,” the force of a word—not just its meaning, but its power. 30 Ultimately, Isidore wished to channel the power of discourse to meet Christian ends. “The speech of a just man should be solely in

In: Vigiliae Christianae