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Somporn Juntadach, Leslie E. Sponsel, Poranee Natadecha-Sponsel and Nukul Ruttanadakul

collectively throughout Thailand and accumulatively through Thai history, probably have been and remain of significance for conservation. Large areas are necessary for protecting carnivores and herbivores of big body size like tigers and elephants because they require a very wide home range. Nevertheless, most

Michael Carolan

are less pertinent to public health—such as to breast milk, bodily odors, and sweat. The cultural signi fi cance of a controlled, closed body can be seen in our construction of the ideal body size and shape. For instance, what terms do we use to describe the obese or those who overeat? We may refer to

James McHugh

Jainism in forming the Jain notion of the body-sized soul, refers to Malvania’s point to show that early Jainism did not have such a notion (Bronkhorst 2000:591). It seems that the above scholars have read this passage far too literally as a description of the soul, and instead it is more helpful to

Jane Skjoldli

predictor of neocortex volume relative to body size is group size” (pp. 125–126), indicating a connection between neocortex expansion and increasing complexity of social relationships and relationship contexts. Second, and somewhat less important for Big Gods , is the idea that human cognitive capacity for