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Yoram Ayal and Elli Groner

have scale-invariant structure. Nature 307: 264-267. Burness, G., Diamond, J., Flannery, T. 2001. Dinosaurs, dragons, and dwarfs: the evolution of maximal body size. PNAS 98: 14518-14523. Carbone, C., Mace, G., Roberts, S., Macdonalds, D. 1999. Energetic constraints on the diet of


Congdon J.D. Vitt L.J. Hadley N.F. Parental investment: comparative reproductive energetics in bisexual and unisexual lizards, genus Cnemidophorus Am. Nat 1978 112 509 520 Ferguson G.W. Snell H.L. Landwer A.J. Proximate control of variation of clutch, egg and body size in a west-Texas population of


sensitivity and vocalizations in lizards (Reptilia: Gekkonoidea, Iguanidae, Pygopodidae and Scincidae), Proc. Zool. Soc. Isr., in: Isr. J. Zool 1973 22 204 205 Zweifel R.G. Effect of temperature, body size and hybridization on mating calls of toads, Bufo americanus americanus and Bufo woodhausii

Zhen Shen, Shuhua Guo, Yueqin Yang and Xianfeng Yi

, A. 2010. Effects of seed predators of different body size on seed mortality in Bornean logged forest. PLoS ONE 5(7): e11651. Hurly, T. A., Robertson, R.J. 1987. Scatterhoarding by territorial red squirrels: a test of the optimal density model. Can. J. Zool. 65: 1247-1252. Iob, G., Vieira

Yuval Itescu, Rachel Schwarz, Shai Meiri and Panayiotis Pafilis

expected to increase with body size, especially when sexes are examined separately, since body size reflects lizard age. 2. Mediodactylus kotschyi inhabits many more islands than H. turcicus because their regenerated tails keep their cryptic form and function for avoiding predation, unlike the


34 20 24 Kanitz A. Temperatur und Lebensvorgaenge Borntraeger Berlin 1915 175 Gebrueder Kitchener D.J. How R.A. Dell J. Biology of Oedura reticulata Gehyra variegata (Gekkonidae) in an isolated woodland of Western Australia J. Herpetol 1988 22 401 412 Kleiber M. Body size and

Yehudah L. Werner

-tailed individuals is not related to body size (age) is weakened by their not having conducted the analysis separately per sex. The more so since in Mediodactylus (unlike Hemidactylus ) the males are smaller than the females ( Werner, 2016 ). There is some evidence that on islands lacking terrestrial predators

Aziz Subach

suggested measurement by which to determine the main foraging mode of C. vipera Candidate factors that may lead animals of the same species to use different foraging modes include temperature, starvation level, body size and sex ( Elner, 1980 ; Wikelski, 2005 ; Higginson and Ruxton, 2015 ). I hypothesize

Ofer Ovadia, Inon Scharf, Erez David Barkae, Tanya Levi and Yehonatan Alcalay

habitat. Both cabinets were set to a day/night photoperiod of 12:12 h and relative humidity of 30%, which is a characteristic summer daily relative humidity in the Israeli desert. The pairs were created in a way to cover most possible combinations, based on differences in body size between the two

Maja Peryga and Krzysztof Miler

intraspecific competition likely. In fact, H. picta shows vertical partitioning based on body sizes, with smaller leeches waiting for pray at lower elevations and larger leeches selecting higher foliage ( Miler et al., 2019 ). Wrestling may be a mean of competing for ambush site, with loser in the wrestling