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Village Dogs in Coastal Mexico

The Street as a Place to Belong

Eliza Ruiz-Izaguirre, Paul Hebinck and Karen (C.H.A.M.) Eilers

selection occurred. Wolves who were less afraid of humans could scavenge (search for food) and continue eating in proximity to humans. Small body size, teeth, and brains were an adaptive advantage in the village niche. Smaller brains required less energy, which wolves no longer needed for hunting in packs

Bonnie Berry

, agedness of skin, and body size) being socially determined as valuable or not. Of importance for this analysis, we not only evaluate ourselves via the actual mirror—reflecting our physical image back to us—but also through the social mirror by which we evaluate our place in the social world. Per Mead

Lindsay Hamilton and Laura Mitchell

small body size and slow growth rate, Herdwick sheep have traditionally been devalued in the UK lamb market compared with lowland sheep and international imports, but through lobbying by the National Trust and local people, the breed has survived to the present day and has become emblematic of the

Jill Jepson

euthanize some pigs up front after ranking them on body size rather than trying to squeeze too many pigs onto too few functional nipples (Dos and don’ts, 2001, p. 40). In these cases, euthanize is used to refer to killing animals for research pur- poses, because of overpopulation, because they are perceived

Juliana Nates Jimenez and Petra Lindemann-Matthies

Threatened Species 2009 Version 2012.1 Retrieved from . Ward P. I. Mosberger N. Kistler C. Fischer O. The relationship between popularity and body size in zoo animals Conservation Biology 1998 12 1408 1411 doi: 10