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Annie Yuan Cih Wu

Jean-Luc ; Thornborrow Tracey ; Jamieson Mark A. ; Burt D. Michael ; Barton Robert A. ; Evans Elizabeth H ; and Tovee Martin J. ( 2016 ) ‘ Television exposure predicts body size ideals in rural Nicaragua ’, British Journal of Psychology 107 ( 4

Madeleine Biardeau, Harrison Paul, I. M. Proudfoot, L. A. Schwarzschild, Kenneth G. Zysk, Masaaki Hattori and R. K. Barz

§esikas t o o admit the plurality of souls and yet maintain t h a t the soul is pervasive. Regarding the doctrine of the pervasiveness of the soul, E. Frauwallner set f o r t h the view t h a t the old Vai~esika idea of the individual, body-sized soul was modified at a certain stage in the development of

Konadu Fokuo

their assumptions are accurate for Ghanaian men. However, it does set the foundation for further research. For instance, Fallon and Rozin (1985) observed that although women believe men hold extreme standards of thinness, what men actually regard as the most attractive female body size is somewhat more