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Artificial Islands, Artificial Highways and Pirates

An East African Perspective on the South China Sea Disputes

Edwin Bikundo

Schmitt next describes what was for him the initial planetary spatial evolution. 113 He says: ‘[n]ow a new world emerges, in the bravest sense of the term, and the collective consciousness, first of the western and central European peoples, and then, finally, the whole of human collective

Elaine B. Weinstein

Africa to Eastern and Central Europe. Over seventy-eight Third-World or Eastern and Central-European nations have been asked to accept industrial waste from the United States and Western Europe. It is reported that over 5,200,000 tons of waste have actually been exported and dumped. 108 The actual number

Viktor Weber and Michael N. Tsimplis

Thielemann, ‘Large-scale CCS transport and storage networks in North-west and Central Europe’ (2011) 4 Energy Procedia 2740–2747; The transport of carbon dioxide through pipelines for enhanced oil recovery ( eor ) is already an important industry in the United States, see Svensson et al. (n 19) at p

Anton Vratuša

is, in some very influential circles, an interpretation that the recent events in east- ern and central Europe represent the final crash of socialism and a complete destruction of any form of democratic tradition of previous regimes in those countries. On the basis of such assessments there are

Ramon Lopez-Reyes

readily suit- able for maritime governance, are also applicable for land regions. Central Europe and Central America33 contain regions that might benefit from the establishment of ZOPCs. CONCLUSION With the dawning of globalism, the system of sovereign states seems flawed. Regional regimes are beginning

Ramon Lopez-Reyes

Africa and over the Indian Ocean to the island Mauritius."24 If other zone of peace and NWFZ proposals are added to the Southern Hemisphere zone-for example, Southeast Asia and Baltic zones of peace and south Asia and central Europe NWFZs-then the trace of a global zone of peace emerges. When Nepal

Stanley D. Brunn and Gerald L. Ingalls

shall be recog- nized.19 There were some distinct regional patterns to this vote (fig. 1). The devel- oped or rich regions in general opposed it; this includes the United States and Canada, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the USSR, Australia, New Zea- land, and the Republic of South Africa. The

Frank J. Gable

in the Black Sea originates in central European countries, blown off land or washed down the rivers draining into the northwestern Black Sea.'6 The Danube and the Dneister river basins, in TABLE 1.-Danube Basin Countries: Basic Basin Data SOURCE.-A. H. Westing, "Environmental Security for the