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Paul Bevan

returned to New York and it was displayed at the Chinese Art Club at 175 Canal Street, in the heart of Chinatown. 186 Anthony Blunt and Jack Chen clearly thought along the same lines when it came to a quest for a realist art for the age. The “heroic realism” lauded by Blunt in his critique of Chen’s work

Patrick E. Sharbaugh and Dang Nguyen

locally-produced action film entitled Bui Doi Cho Lon (‘Chinatown’) in mid-2013. Social Media and the Public Sphere Scholars and internet commentators such as Manuel Castells and Clay Shirky have asserted that the significance of the internet and social media for political change lies in the way

Thomas Lamarre

inexpensively. But there were also some important differences. First, the ability to add subtitles significantly enlarged the scope of contents available for piracy. Japanese animation, for instance, became available in Hong Kong bootleg copies with Chinese and English subtitles, first in Chinatown stores and