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Tomie Arai

Portraits of ny Chinatown was initiated as an oral history project in collaboration with writer Lena Sze and the Museum of Chinese in America ( moca ), as it prepared to move into its current home on Centre Street in 2009. The project addressed the vital question of the Museum’s role within

Victoria Nolte

of Vancouver’s Chinatown and transforms them into a grotesque, fantastical, and multilayered performance that highlights the unhomeliness of diaspora ( fig. 1 ). 2 Tsui adapts traditional methods of storytelling to transfer the narrative between nineteenth-century Hong Kong and twenty

Victoria Nolte

Chinatown. This “shop,” however, does not sell the wares it displays. Located in Peterborough, Ontario, a small city with a population of about 80,000, Terra dos Chinês Curio Shop stands out against chain stores, independently-run coffee shops and upscale boutiques. Since there is no localized Chinatown

Julianne Gavino

historical background of the movement, followed by a section on war and politics and, finally, a section on art and communication. In the next gallery, perspectives of community and place emerged from the viewpoint of ethnic neighbourhoods in Los Angeles, such as Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Koreatown, and

Stephanie Kaczynski

; references to Chinese culture, such as the fighting green lion dance symbolizing the conflict between the Qing and Ming dynasties; and present-day places and references, such as sounds of urban traffic and the final dance scene, which was filmed in a park in New York’s Chinatown. Additionally, throughout the

Sean Metzger

-based curator at dhc / art Foundation for Contemporary Art, mounted the exhibition to probe relationships between her own artistic practice and her scholarly research. Accessing the installation required entering Swatow Plaza, a relatively new mall on the eastern edge of Montreal’s Chinatown. This location

Rusaba Alam

married Hong Tim Hing, a non-status man, meaning that she and her children were no longer legally recognized as Musqueam. Because the siblings were categorized as Chinese, they were forced to live in Chinatown rather than with their relatives at Musqueam; for the same reason, unlike all their cousins at

Margo L. Machida

islands. With Honolulu’s emergence as a dynamic Pacific port city, new arrivals from Asia also mingled in the bustling Chinatown district abutting its harbour. Annexed by the us in 1898 following the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy by local American business interests, the territory of Hawai‘i was

Sean Metzger

. New York Before Chinatown: Orientalism and the Shaping of American Culture, 1776–1882 . Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press , 1999 . Trémon Anne-Christine . “ Cosmopolitanization and Localization: Ethnicity, Class, and Citizenship among the Chinese of French Polynesia

Luis Jacob

, the location of the city’s first Chinatown. All this appears in the photograph as a void ready for appropriation by capital and the state. Figure 6 Photographer unknown . Conditions of competition: City Hall and Square, Toronto, Canada, 1957. Courtesy City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 2, Series 60