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Frederik Vermote

global sociology of corporations. Anna Winterbottom, in her analysis of the intersections of science and global trading companies, also touches upon the Jesuits. Winterbottom emphasizes the Jesuit contributions to the fields of astronomy and mathematics and their role in connecting European and Chinese

The Portrait of Matteo Ricci

A Mirror of Western Religious and Chinese Literati Portrait Painting

César Guillen-Nuñez

currents of Chinese portraiture of the period are identified, as are relevant features that derive from late sixteenth-century Counter-Reformation portraiture in Europe. Certain aspects of Ricci’s contribution to Chinese science are also discussed, as they shed light both on the personality of the

Sheila J. Rabin

including the telescope. On the other hand, he accused the Jesuits of virtually forcing Ptolemaic astronomy on the Chinese and retarding their acceptance of Copernican astronomy. 60 However, in the seventeenth century, most Jesuits taught Tychonic, not Ptolemaic, astronomy. A recent work on Chinese science