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Harriet T. Zurndorfer

science and technology in present-day Europe, see Harriet Zurndorfer, "Oecumenical or Parochial? Reflections on Recent Publications Concerning the History of Chinese Science," Etudes chinoises, 11.1 (1992): 141-156. 189 the cultivation of border regions, and the distribution of agricultural manuals

Miranda Brown

Graham thought), some of which were responsible for preserving the causal thinking and logic of the Greeks during the middle ages, as well as combining Indian 104 Graham, “China, Europe, and the Origins of Modern Science,” in Shigeru Nakayama and Nathan Sivin, eds. Chinese Science: Explorations of an

Hailian Chen

chubanshe, 1989): 364-396. 29 Q. Wu, Diannan kuangchang tulüe (1844), reprinted in Zhongguo kexue jishu dianji tonghui: jishujuan (Anthology of Classical Works of Chinese Science and Technology: Technology), vol. 1, ed. J. Ren et al. (Zhengzhou: Henan jiaoyu chubanshe, 1994): 1159. 30 A 1729 source

Ruth Mostern

Accelerated Sedimentation in the Lower Yellow River, China, Over the Past 13,000 Years . Geografiska Annaler Series A, Physical Geography 80 / 1 : 67 - 78 . Xu Jiongxin . 2000 . The Wind-Water Two-Phase Erosion and Sediment-Producing Processes in the Middle Yellow River Basin, China . Science in

Harriet Zurndorfer

- lectuals to re-think their ‘eureocentrism’ (what we now call Eurocentrism). Following the premises of the historian of Chinese science Joseph Need- ham, he wrote that the study of Asia should be ‘disorientalized’, and that similar concepts and methods Needham had utilized should guide the study of all