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Jun Luo and Xiaoxin He

, Fengshui connects directly with Chinese folk beliefs, with the great Chinese religions and philoso- phy, with Chinese science, and with Chinese cosmology (e.g. Eitel, 1873; Feuchtwang, 1974; Lee, 1986; Ruitenbeek, 1993; He, 1998). It has been profoundly important in the development of both for- mal and

Tao Feiya

“Chinese medicine is the only indigenous Chinese science to continue into the twentieth century in a way that is institutionally and discursively prominent.” 7 So, when the medical missionaries practiced western medicine while the Chinese counterpart practiced Chinese medicine, this phenomenon would

Saving Missionary Skins Saves Patients’ Lives

The Role of the Political and Legal Environment on Medical Outcomes

Michelle Renshaw

. Western Medicine)”, Chinese Science , Vol. 10 1991, p. 22. 61 W. Hamilton Jefferys and James L. Maxwell, The Diseases of China (Philadelphia: P. Blakiston’s Son & Co., 1910), p. 3. 62 Peter Parker, “Ophthalmic Hospital at Canton: the Sixth Quarterly Report, for the term ending on the 4th of

Brannon Wheeler

Asiatic Studies 6:359. Cooper, William and Nathan Sivin. 1973. “Man as Medicine: Pharmacological and Ritual Aspects of Traditional Therapy Using Drugs Derived from the Human Body.” In Chinese Science . Ed. Nakayama and Sivin, 203–272. Cambridge: MIT Press. Corbett, Glenn J. 2009. “The Thamudic Camel